Gardening Clause For Tenancy Agreement

For example, “the tenant must cut the grass with an appropriate lawnmower to keep the grass clean and neat at all times. In addition, the tenant is required to maintain boundaries, keep weeds, plow shrubs and shrubs, keep the terrace and paths weed-free… ” , etc. Enter as much detail as possible to avoid deliberate misunderstandings. Tell me clearly that the garden should be kept as it was at the beginning of the rent. Social events in the garden (for example. B bbQs) are allowed, unless otherwise stated in the AST agreement. Therefore, if a lessor wishes to prohibit such activities, it is important to include a clause in the AST contract before signing the tenant. It is also interesting to note that tenants are caused by noise and nuisance or damage to the property caused by themselves or their customers. In general, tenants are expected to maintain the garden, so it is largely similar when they return the keys at the end of their rent. Landlords can`t ask a tenant to upgrade the garden, so if a garden is a shabby pavement of weeds and sparadraps, you can`t punish tenants if it shows up after three years. Conversely, if the garden is weeding and the lawn is a green oasis at the beginning of a lease, you should expect it to end up in a similar condition.

Agreements on the collection and possession of fruit should be included in the specific provisions of the agreement. If this is not included, the right to occupy the property may give the tenant the right to pick the fruit during the lease. If you are lucky enough to find a tenant with green fingers, you should offer them a rent reduction if they like to do their own gardening, but be aware of what they can and cannot do. For example, it might be good to plant vegetables, but digging up the whole garden and replacing it with a huge Koi carp pond would probably be one step too far. It is not the responsibility of tenants to upgrade a garden, but simply to keep the garden without waste, reasonably clean and to stay on the path of waking up. If an expert is needed for the garden issue, such as slaughter. B of the large trees and the recombining of the lawn, it must be the responsibility of the owner and not the tenant. For comfort and ease, it is not uncommon for portfolio owners to hire a full-time gardener to maintain all their real estate. These fees can be charged on a tenant`s monthly rent if they have given their prior consent.

However, if the lessor is included in the AST agreement, it makes available a gardener, he is required to do so during the duration of the lease. You can also add a clause stating that tenants must obtain the landlord`s permission before making improvements, taking care of the cost of returning the garden to its original state at the end of the lease. This is ideal if you want to leave more room, but you don`t want to see significant changes outside. 2. Read the rental contract carefully and make sure you understand all the effects on the maintenance before signing it. If in doubt, ask the landlord for clarification When it comes to defining their specific rights and responsibilities, identifying the persons responsible for maintaining the gardens of a rental property can be confusing for both landlords and tenants. Subsequently, the maintenance of the garden is a frequent point of disagreement between the tenant and the owner. Here you`ll find a specialized overview of how tenant protection specialists are addressing the requirements for garden maintenance, and here in their Insight dispute on “How to Ask for Garden Maintenance.” If you take the time to clarify the responsibilities for maintaining the garden at the beginning of a lease, it can save time and reduce the likelihood of a dispute further.