Guardian Ad Litem Retainer Agreement

A person has the right to request the appointment of a lawyer and, if the person makes that request, the ad litem guardian will not report to the court and will attend the hearing. The flat fee is then $225 ($275 if the lawyer has surrendered to the person). Adult tutelage (ability persons) – No. 175: An ad litem guardian is appointed to represent the person allegedly unable to act. The ad litem guardian will meet with the person before the hearing and will present a written report to the Court (at least 24 hours before the oral proceedings). The petitioner must assist the person in meeting the ad litem tutor in the office of the ad litem tutor. If the person is not physically able to travel, the guardian will go to the person and the fee will be $225. Fidicuary accounts with Guardian waiver ad litem – $55.00: The guardian ad litem must check all accounts of the agent. If the Guardian ad litem signs a waiver, the fee is $55.00 per account. If the tutor is required to attend a hearing, the fee is $75.00 per account. If a petition for guardianship and conservatory is filed together, the tutor will charge ad litem 225 $US. If the person is not physically able to travel, the guardian will go to the person and the fee will be $275. If the individual requests the appointment of a lawyer, the tax is $275 ($325 if the lawyer has surrendered).

As soon as the services are provided by the ad litem/Attorney tutor, an invoice is submitted to the court. The court will order the payment of the tax by the municipality or its family. These fees must be paid directly to the lawyer. If the total amount cannot be paid in one go, you should contact the lawyer to determine if a payment plan can be arranged. In the event that the municipality or its family is not financially able to pay the costs, a financial sheet will have to be completed and the Court will make a decision on the indigenity. Minor tutelage (or other cases in which a guardian is appointed ad litem) – $250: If the Court finds that a guardian is required in minor or other guardianship cases, the ad litem guardian will either report to the Court of Justice or attend the hearing (set by the Tribunal at the time of appointment) and a lump sum of USD 250 will be collected.