Visit of the second Lady of Zambia in June 2010

The school has a number of projects each year.  It is involved in growing of Vegetables, Rice, Maize, Birds – Broilers and Layers.  It also keeps Cattle.  This is a support to the boarding which ensures good diet for the girls.  With quality food, the pupils are able to eat and concentrate in class hence the outstanding results for our school.

The cattle of the school

The cattle of the school

The school has completed rehabilitation of thirty six (36) Teachers houses.  The houses look stronger and more secured as their lifespan has been increased.

The school would like to continue providing adequate learning and teaching material for the pupils.  As a means of being self-sustainable, it is developing the Lwitikila Falls (Chinsonkolo) for people who would like to have a quiet time, relaxation and enjoy nature.  These people visiting will have to pay some amount of money to help develop this place.  Profits in future will be used to support the school.

Chisonkolo falls

We would like to make it really attractive and appealing to those that would like to appreciate nature and also pray with nature.

As security is becoming one major concern for the school, it has embarked on constructing a wall fence.    This project has quite advanced so as to protect pupils and other resources.

Our school will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2012, it has seen all these great years of quality production of individuals.  Its walls and cemented paths are however collapsing.  There is great need to rehabilitate them for the sake of continuity of its existence and for what it is to the country Zambia.  This rehabilitation is inclusive of water pipeline.

Any support would greatly be appreciated.

Contact the school: schlwitikila(a)gmail.com