April 2001

Our Diocese

A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

April 2001

Important Dates

30 April-02 May Diocesan Presbyteral Council ICL
04 May Meeting of Sisters-in-charge of RHCs Chilonga
05 May Diocesan Health Board Chilonga

Chinsali Deanery meeting

The meeting was held on 21 March at Isoka and 14 participants attended. Each community contributed food and/or
money. The Pastoral Co-ordinator and the Vocation Director were present.

Chinsali Deanery Youth Rally is scheduled to take place at Chinsali Parish from 3-7 September 2001.

Inter-Community mass

The Inter Community Eucharistic celebration was revived again when the Bishop and more than
20 Priests and Sisters gathered at the Sisters of the Child Jesus Convent, Ichengelo to celebrate
the FEAST of the Annunciation. Fr. John Mulanda was the main celebrant. Thanks to the generosity
of the hosting Community for delicious supper. It was resolved that such gatherings be held
every other month and the next Inter-Community Mass will be on 29 May at St. Andrews.

Welcome to

  • Fr. Willibrod Nzota OSB who has joined Katibunga Community. He is from Tanzania and has joined the Formation Team. Wishing Fr. Nzota God’s blessings in the Lord’s vineyard.
  • Lutz Hamann, a volunteer from Germany who came back to work at the Diocesan Headquarters for a few months before going to university.
  • Sr. Elizabeth Phiri LSMI who joins Serenje community.
  • Sisters Liberia Mbotwa and Brenda Chembo who have joined Tazara SCJ community.
  • SCJ Sisters Gracious Mushili, Annie Chanda, Rosalia Chilumba and Genevieve Kapuka who join Chilonga Community.
  • Sisters Ignatia Kabwe and Julien Luchembe who join Ilondola SCJ community.
  • Ms Franca Vergani who has joined the ALM in Isoka.
  • Sr. Isabella Mbuye who has joined Mulilansolo SOLQA Community.

A warm welcome to you all and best wishes for a fruitful apostolate in the Diocese of Mpika

Novena to Jesus Christ

The Diocesan Vocations Promoter in conjunction with the Diocesan Vocations Team prepared
the document entitled “Novena to Jesus Christ – Praying for Vocations”. It will be used
for either individual or communal prayer in our homes with the family (or Religious Community),
or our SCCs or in Church after Sunday Eucharistic celebration. An hour of ADORATION with the
exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is recommended where possible. Where adoration can not be done,
the Rosary could be a substitute or any other meaningful devotion but reserve time to what is termed
as the hour of faith. From this year onwards, each Vocation Sunday will be preceded by a novena
of prayers. This year’s novena begins on 28th April and ends on 6th May 2001. Let us all join the
Church in Mpika Diocese to pray for vocations.

Family life ministry

The Family Life Office has been running a number of programs. From 9th to 11th February
10 couples who are at CTC followed Marriage Encounter Original Week-end and Mulanga Parish
also organized a Marriage Encounter Week-end where 19 couples attended and 13 couples came
from Matumbo sub-parish. It is a blessing to have a few Health workers practising and learning
Scientific Natural Family Planning so that in turn they can help others. The Sisters from Chilonga
and Mulilansolo Health Institutions have played an encouraging role to their clients. The Family
Life Office is very grateful to the Director of CTC, the Sister-in-charge of Mulilansolo RHC and
Mulanga Parishioners for their hospitality to the couples and the Chilonga Sisters for the interest shown.


  • 17th-20th April marriage encounter w/shop in Serenje
  • 20th-22nd April Diocesan Council for Catholic Women Executive meeting in Chinsali
  • 4th-6th May marriage encounter deepen week-end in Kasama
  • 8th -13th May Pre-marriage w/shop in Mulanga
  • 25th -27th May marriage encounter w/shop in Nakonde
  • 28th & 29th May Natural Family Planning in Mulilansolo

Please note that the Family Life Office telephone number is (04) 370 038


Late Mgr. Marian Kolacki’s sister, Mrs. Miroslawa Staruchowicz and her husband
Mr. Wojciech Staruchowicz came to Chilonga. After the Palm Sunday Eucharistic
celebration the whole congregation went in procession to the cemetery to show the
couple Monsignor’s grave. The couple was in the diocese from the 7 to the 16 of April
during which they also paid a courtesy call on the Bishop at the Diocesan H/Q.


  • Fr Potrapeluk Waldemar (FDP) Assistant Priest of Chilonga Parish left the Diocese for his sabbatical after Easter.
  • Sr. Sabina Namfukwe SCJ from Chengelo Community who goes to Chilubula SCJ Noviciate.
  • Sr. Grace Chileshe SCJ from Chilonga who goes to Kayambi.


Our heart felt congratulations go to Cornelius Chikopela, a mechanic from our diocesan
garage/workshop, and Sarah Chipili for promising to live together “till death do them part”.
The wedding Mass which took place on 28th April in St Joseph’s Church was attended by
many people and one of the choirs from St. Andrews led the congregation in the singing of
beautiful hymns. Sarah and Cornelius, we wish you all the best in your married life.

Condolences to:

  • Mr. Michael C Mulenga of the Family Office whose mother passed away in Mulilansolo on 28th March and was buried on 29th March. She is survived by a husband, 7 children, 50 grand children and 44 great grand children.
  • Sr. Martha Chanda SCJ whose brother passed away in Mpepo on 2nd April.
  • Sr. Margaret Kafwilo SCJ whose mother passed away on 13th April and was buried on 15th April in Lwena.
  • Ndola Diocese on the death of Fr. Simon Bwalya Mambepa who died on 20th April and was buried on 23rd April. Fr. Justin Mulenga also died on 25th April at Ibenga Mission Hospital and was buried on 27th April.
  • Sr. Elizabeth Mutale SCJ whose sister passed away on 27th April in Chilonga and was buried on 28th April.

We pray that God will comfort and strengthen the families in their sorrow and grant eternal rest to their departed loved ones.

Please note:

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