April 2002


A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

April 2002

Important Dates

13 May Finance/Administrative/Transport/Consultors H/Q
14-15 May DPC meeting I.C.L.
16-17 May Presbyterium I.C.L.
16-17 May W/shop for Sisters-In-Charge of Health Institutions Diocesan HQ
18 May Diocesan Health Board Chilonga
22 May Chilonga Hospital Board Chilonga

Kopa Parish fasts and prays for world peace

On 1 February the Parish Team fasted and prayed for world peace in response to the Holy Father?s appeal in December 2001 and 1 January 2002. This was a
“trial run” with prayer leaders for the unique event of 8 February; on this day there were prayers (in form of recollection from 0900-1500 hours) and
fasting for peace in almost all outstations. In several centres money and foodstuff were also collected and given to the poor. The participation of the faithful
was encouraging and they hope to do it again next year.

Chinsali Parish days of ecumenical prayers and fasting

On the feast of St. Joseph, 19 March 2002, about 20 leaders from seven different denominations held a day of prayer and fasting on a nearby hill, behind Chinsali
District Council Offices. They reflected and prayed together on the theme: the problems of Chinsali. On the “mountain” the participants experienced a sense
of belonging to the same family of God as they shared their experiences of daily challenges to Christian living. The participants felt the need for more occasions of
praying together and exchanging views on Christian life.

Ecumencial palm sunday procession: On Palm Sunday the UCZ, the Grace Ministries Church and the Catholic Church in Chinsali had their first Palm Sunday procession together. Before the procession started,
the leaders of the three churches visited the sick in Chinsali Hospital and prayed with them. Even though there was a big crowd of Christians on the main street of
Chinsali the tight program was strictly adhered to. The Catholics led the final part of the joint service: the Passion narrative, the homily and thanksgiving prayer by
the parish priest after which the faithful went to their respective places of worship to continue the prayers according to each denominational tradition.

Mpika Deanery

The meeting took place at Lwitikila LSMI Convent 4-6 March 2002 with 16 participants. Lwitikila Sisters guided the reflection on the theme “NO CROSS, NO CROWN”.
Fr. T. Tafuna was elected secretary to fill that vacant post. The Deanery Youth Rally venue is Chalabesa on a date to be announced later.

Diocesan HIV/AIDS/HBC Coordinator

attended the National Orphans and Vulnerable Children Workshop in Lusaka from 17-20 March.

Supervisory visits:

  • Serenje: 6-8 May
  • Chalabesa: 13-15 May
  • Chilonga: 29-31 May

AIDS Management Course: to be attended by 3 participants from HBC Program: Sr. Maureen Gavin SHJM, Tazara/Chibansa; Ms. Bertha Chishiki, Chilonga; Mr. Francis Kasonde, Mulilansolo.

Tazara/Chibansa Coordinator went for an exchange visit to Mulilansolo and Ilondola 26-29 April.

Youth Promoter

The youth promoter reminds all parishes that each youth movement must have a Bible. One major concern is that we make very little use of the Bible in the Lay movements,
SCC and families. That is why the youth need a lot of encouragement and support in this area. Holy Scripture is essential for sustaining the faith and so each time
the youth meet they should read and share the Word of God. Let‘s motivate the youth to read, understand, and live the Bible.

Justice & Peace: Parliamentary Liaison Programme

For the purpose of lobbying and monitoring the post elections Government Development Programmes, the Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace has introduced
this advocacy programme (P.L.P.). It will be coordinated and monitored by the CCJP groups in parishes. A workshop for care-groups took place 12-14 April at I.C.L. for
Kasama and Mpika Arch/Dioceses.

Development Office

After a long period the National Development Office visited the Diocese 15-16 April. The team, led by Mr. Chungu, animated a consultation process at I.C.L. to review
what has been going on and to find ways of reviving the diocesan development department. Participants in the consultation included the Bishop, Treasurer General, Pastoral
Coordinator, Vocations/Youth Coordinator and the Family Life/ Women Promoters. The Diocese intends to formulate a Development Plan similar to or in the manner of its
Pastoral Plan; development work can be greatly enhanced if the office could get donor support.

Joint meeting of the laity

From 18-21 April, a joint meeting of Pastoral Coordinators and leaders of the laity at national level was held at Bauleni Centre in Lusaka. The aim was to define the
role of the councils of the laity and lay movements in relation to the existing structures in the Church such as Parish and Pastoral councils. Mr. Clement Mumbo, the
Diocesan Pastoral Council Secretary, represented the laity of Mpika Diocese.


Ms. Lieke L. de Winther, Projects Officer for
Zambia from CORDIAD was in the diocese from 22-24 April; she had a
meeting with the Bishop, Treasurer General, Pastoral Coordinator,
Health Coordinator and the Assistant Health Coordinator in the
Diocesan Offices, after which she proceeded to Chilonga for another
meeting with the Hospital Management.

Good News

Fr. Justin Chomba had an
emergency operation in Chilonga Hospital on the night of 5 April
but, praise God, he is on the way to recovery. Thanks to the
Hospital staff for their superb professional care and to all and
for the prayers and good wishes for his speedy recovery.

Condolences to

To Fr. M.J. Mulanda whose father passed away in Mambwe on 1 May and was buried on 2 May.

We pray both for the deceased as well as the bereaved


Sincere thanks to Fr. Helmut Kempter (Germany) for a generous contribution towards the publishing of our newsletter. All donations are always
gratefully accepted and duly acknowledged!

New Telephone Numbers

  • Sisters of the Sacred Hearts, Chilonga Convent: 04/370 088; e-mail: maureeng@zamtel.zm
  • Chilonga Hospital: 04/370 030
  • LSMI, Lwitikila Convent: 04/370 050

Reminder Re: Lubushi Seminary:

All priests-in-charge are kindly reminded to have application forms
filled in and sent to the Vocations Director in good time to enable
him to forward them to the Rector well ahead of the deadline! It is
the duty of pastors to foster vocations to the priesthood and religious
life, which includes adhering to the often tedious but necessary
administrative procedures!

Please note:

May is a Marian Month for intensified recitation of the Holy Rosary in families, SCC, lay apostolic movements. Rosaries are available at the HQ at unbeatable
prices and blessed by the Bishop himself! First priest-in-charge come, first serve; stocks are not inexhaustible, so hurry up!

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