Yusufu Newsletter I-2007

On January 7, 2017  twelve leaders from eight troops came together for the Honor Council. The troop leaders were from St. Andrew‘s. Chinsali, Mulolesha, Chilonga, Kasama, St. Josepf and Mpepo.

 The meeting took place at St. Andrew‘s. Following the agenda, reports from the troops were collected. Thankfully it was noted that all troops reported good relations and good support from their Church leaders and Fathers. Some active troops have plans to extend the movment from their parish to others. Kasama for example, is ready to visit Nondo parish. Mporokoso and even Kaputa to to make the Yususfu know in these places.

It was good to hear that many troops have chosen farming as a means of raising funds. Mulolesha has planted a lima of Soya Beans. They are alos raising village chicken. St. Joseph, another example, is planning to grow beans.

Challenges reported were addressed by the Lupami and the Scout Masters. The Cooridinating team was urged to do more visists to the troops. The team was asked to look into the matter of reopening the Yusufu desk, we had in the past. Chinsali reported that the team member there was inactive and that helpers should be appointed. The Honor Council urged all to have meetings in their respective Deaneries before the Council to gather reports and suggestions from all the troops. It was proposed to have the 1st of May celebration (St. Joseph the Worker) in deaneries rather than in parishes only. And in August, so the suggestion, could be a National Camp. The troops could borrow 2 tents for the  celebration from HQ, as long as stocks last.

Many have no flags and metal badges. The patron was asked to look into this matter. A pricelist for uniforms for the year 2017 is attached to this letter.

Stephen Siluyele, Scout Master Kasama


  • 1 May, St. Joseph the Worker:
    Feast day of all Yusufu. Organize a big meeting in your deanary where all troops of the deanery take part.

  • 20-24 April: Scout Master Camp at Shiwa Ngandu (by invitation)

  • 16-21 August: Patrol Leader Course at Shiwa Ngandu. Age limit is 16 years!

  • National Camp in August 2018. In planning for 2018. Needs lots of preparations!

  • 22-29 October: Hike with bicycles from Mpika to Mumbwa! Be ready for the ultimate challenge. Scout Masters only!

Coordinating Team Plans in 2017
. ukutandalila abena Mpulungu, Mbala, Mambwe, Nondo, Mporokoso na Kasama pa 13-18 April 2017

2. Ukukwata National Camp. Preparation for 2018 to have a big Jamboree of all troops. Venue still to be advised

3. Spreading the knowledge of the Patrol Systems in all camps and meetings.

Uniform Prices in 2017
 1.Shirts, long sleeves         K25.-
2.Shirts, short sleeves        K20.-
3.Scarves                               K25.-
4.Berets (light blu                K35.-
5.Fisote fya Mimb               K15.-
6.Trouser, long, blue        K50.-
7.Yusufu Flag                        K100 (out of stock)
8.Medal        (out of stock)   K5.-
9.Hand Book                        K10.-

Meeting of Coordinating Team (CT)

22 Sep 2016: Twalipingula ukutila cila member mu Coordinating Team ali no kulipila K200 pa mwaka. K100 twatile ukulipila pamyeshi six ya kutwafwa ukulundulula icipao cesu ca coordinating team.

Twapingula no kukwata Register nga Coordinating Team, iyo tuli nokufumya mu maTroop iyakutwafwako kwishiba ba member twakwata ne lintu baingile mu cilonganino.  Elyo kabili twalipingula no kutila: ama program yonse ayo mu ma troop balekwata, yafwile yaishibikwa ku Coordinating Team. Kuti cawama ama troop action plan yalaba submitted ku Coordinating Team mu mweshi wa January 2017.  Pa kulekelesha twatile twati kuti cawama twabombela na pa fintu fya mweo (spiritual matters) na palwa kupingula (decision making) mu kukoseleshako bamisepela banensu mu mafya tupitamo nge misepela. Twalisalako ne ntungulushi sha kulatwafwilishako mu CT pamo naba:

1. Munyenyembe Ristant, Master

2. Tresford Chipasha, Ass. Master

3. Michael Shinaka, Kalemba

4. Hendrix Yamba, member

5. Martin Sinkala, member

6. Peter Chomba

BaYusufu abfwile mu Mfumu (2016)

Gone to the Lord in 2016:

 1. Samuel Nalili, Scout Master

2. Moses Chishimba, St. Andrew’s

3. Chewetu Bwalya, St. Monica

May their souls rest in eternal peace!

The Founder of the Boy Scout Movement Sir Robert Baden-Powell:

The name Baden-Powell is known and respected throughout the world. He was a man who, in his 83 years of life, devoted himself to the service of his country (England) and his fellow men in two separate and complete lives. First as a soldier fighting for his country (in the Boer War in SA for example) and the other live as a worker for peace through the Scout Movement.

Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell or short B-P was born in London on 22.2.1857, the 8th of 10 children of the Reverend Baden-Powell. The family, after the early death of his father, was not well off.  B-P was always eager to learn new skills. He played piano and fiddle. He acted (drama) and acted the clown too at times. He practised brick laying and while at school as a border he began to exploit his interest in the art of Scouting and woodcraft.

 In the woods around the school, B-P would stalk his masters as well as catch and cook rabbits, being careful not to let the smoke of his fire give his position away. During holidays, he and his brothers were always in search of adventure.

He joined the army after school and had a very successful career. He served in India, Afghanistan and South Africa. In 1899 he became famous all over England as the hero who defended successfully the town of Mafeking (South Africa against the Boers. During the siege of Mafeking, B-P learned how well young boys responded to the challenge. B-P’s book “Aids to Scouting” was published during the siege and reached a far wider readership than the military for which it was intended.  He found his book was being used by youth leaders and teachers all over the country.

 B-P rewrote his book for a younger readership and in 1907 he held an experimental camp on Brownsea Island. He brought together 22 boys from different backgrounds and put them into camp under his leadership. The whole world knows the result of the camp.

 “Scouting for Boys” was published in 1908. Sales of the book were tremendous and boys formed themselves into Scout Patrols to try out his ideas. It became the handbook for a new and worldwide movement: the boy scouts.

He left the army and dedicated the rest of his life to the Boy Scout Movement. He travelled to all parts of the world wherever he was most needed in order to encourage and provide inspiration that he alone could give.

 On January 8, 1941, Baden-Powell died at the age of 83. He is buried in a simple grave at Nyeri within sight of Mount Kenya.  On his headstone are the words,  ‘Robert  Baden -Powell,  Chief Scout of  the World’ mounted by the Boy Scout Badge.