Ni Labview License Agreement

LICENSE DEPLOYMENT A license to make available is required to distribute applications developed with a specific software product. You must obtain a license to make it available for each target computer on which the application is running. This option can be purchased as a single seat or as a member of a VLA. There are no exceptions to this category at home. You`ll find information about software that contains licenses for licensing, deployment and debugging. Unless otherwise stated on the site, all rights, titles and interests (including all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights) of this site belong to NI or another party that has authorized its material to NI. Unless expressly stated above, nothing on the site can be construed as conferring a license or intellectual property or copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. For more information on trademarks or, see ni.com/trademarks and for more information on NI patents, see ni.com/patents. General Purpose Software License Agreement – All NI software is LICENSEd NI. Please click here to view a copy of NI`s current general software license agreement.

NON-CONCURRENT LICENSE Software licenses are granted to certain users or computers located in specific locations. The number of licenses granted must not exceed the number of seats not purchased simultaneously. This option can be purchased as a single seat or as a member of a VLA. Licensing is limited to North and South America, Europe or Asia and cannot cross continents. There are two types of non-simultaneous licenses: Named and computer-based users. 1: You will find here more information on performance with the tools of the national instrument with virtualization. 2: Keep in mind that students can get a Windows license from the UNL Computer Store at a very low cost. An individual license can be a development, debugging or making license available and is generally a non-simultaneous license for designated users. You`ll find questions about activating your software in this document. Volume licenses are typically managed on a license server and may include development, provision and debug licenses, as well as concurrent and non-simultaneous licenses. End-user activations are managed by the software administrator of your volume license.

For questions about setting up a license server, you`ll find the VLM guide for the first steps. If you work remotely and your license contains an exemption at home, you can use a separate license or at home. If you are a news agency, NI grants you a limited, non-exclusive, global license and the right to copy, distribute, publish and display data sheets, images, press documents, white papers and FAQs that NI makes available to you on this site (copyrightable Works package). A “news publishing agency” is defined as an organization whose main task is to summarize and analyze messages and which regularly publishes media with news articles on opinion, functions and advertising. All rights that are not expressly granted to you are reserved for NI. Your right to use copyrighted works is limited to use in trade magazines, newspapers, magazines, news publishers and other publications managed by news agencies. Notwithstanding the rights conferred above, you cannot under any circumstances use copyrighted works in a manner that (in NI`s opinion) defames, damages or damages NI`s reputation. NI offers different licensing options to meet your needs, from application development to system availability and debugging.