Postnuptial Agreement For Stay At Home Moms

All right. But the working spouse is not supporting the “career” of SAHS by earning enough money so that he can stay at home and focus on the children and volunteer at school, church, etc. Why should the working spouse continue to support sahs` “career” after divorce, when SAHS will most likely not be required to continue to support the career of the working spouse. A marriage is the creation of a family, not a business relationship. If you`re not sure if your spouse would end up in the event of illness, injury or even at home (or you would do the same thing), you may not want to get married. I`ve heard outgoing husbands say to their wives false statements like, “Before you stayed home, you made $50,000 a year, so you could go out and get a job for that, if not more” and “Well, it`s not my fault. It was your choice. They wanted children. They wanted to stay home with them. You could have gone out and worked, and in the meantime, I blew up my butt, and why are you entitled to all this? A post-marriage agreement can achieve the same goals, but as the name suggests, a postnup is negotiated and signed after a couple is already married. A post-marriage agreement can help you definitively resolve any marital tensions that may have arisen regarding your financial situation since you decided to stay at home with your children. It can also help ensure that you and your children will be adequately protected if you and your spouse take your separate paths. In the past, there were sometimes cases where a young woman (and the children raised) worked while the Huband studied law or medicine or any other advanced profession.

I have compassion for these women who put their husbands in school to divorce once he has started a successful business. (I`ve seen a lot of examples in my small hometown.) Today, women do the same (for living friends and not husbands!) without thinking that they may not reap the fruits of their sacrifice. I saw the boys suddenly find that “things have changed and I want to move” shortly after they get the diploma and the good job. Ladies, make a contract and protect yourself in all situations! Better yet, let the guy get help from school or the first career jobs and THEN get married to support him. It`s a practical idea. I listened to friends (and voices in my own head) what would happen to us financially in the event of a divorce. A stay-at-home mother emailed me about her plans to work at Starbuck and rent a cheap apartment in a good school district when her husband was leaving her. I hope that none of us will be divorced, but it is better to have a plan for a future that we never need than the floating fear, which tarnishes the present. I say, you get training, both people. If you stay at home, you don`t see it as LOST time in the squad.

If you and your spouse have decided to stay home, do so. If you constantly compare yourself to where you would be, if you weren`t at home, how can you enjoy being at home? It is as if I were saying how much more money I would have earned if I had become a lawyer instead of teaching??? You`re not a lawyer, you`re a teacher because you scream loudly. You`ve heard of marital agreements – but what about post-uptial? I must admit that before I read the last article in the Daily Beast`s Keli Goff, I had not heard of it. It appears to be agreements signed after a couple has married or entered into a civil union and is aimed at resolving disputes over children, finances and other assets. According to Goff, this is the next big thing among the 1%. Taking the example of Rupert Murdoch and the latest split from Wendi Deng, Goff suggests that wives should consider a post-marital arrangement, especially mothers who stay at home.