October 2000

Our Diocese

A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

October 2000

Important Dates

27 November Transport Commission and Financial Board Meeting ICL
28-30 November Diocesan Presbyteral Council Meeting ICL
31 November Board of consultors Meeting ICL
2 December Diocesan Health Board Chilonga
15 Dec-8 January2001 Industrial Break – HQ offices, garage, carpentry workshop will close.


Five aspirants were received as postulants for the Benedictines at St Theresa of Child Jesus Monastery, Katibunga.
The Benedictines have started a formation house for the Zambians in Katibunga.


The Academic year (2000/2001) commenced in September with twenty-one seminarians from our diocese enrolled in different seminaries.
Emmaus Spirituality Centre has three: Benjamin Chisulo (Ilondola Parish), Bernard Chaali (Mulilansolo) and Morgan Chikwale (Chinsali),
whereas Mpima has 8 and St. Dominic’s has 10. Besides Patrick Chibuye is in Mulilansolo for his pastoral year of experience.

Zambia Association of Sisterhoods (ZAS Mpika)

The last meeting of ZAS (Mpika) for 2000 took place on Saturday 7 October in Chilonga not ICL as stated in the previous “Our Diocese”.
Thirteen sisters represented all the convents except Mulilansolo, Mulanga, Chinsali and Isoka.
It was a full day with Father Waldemar from Chilonga Parish as the guest speaker.
He gave two inspiring talks on ‘Forgiveness in the morning and afternoon.
He celebrated mass at midday gave another talk in the afternoon which was followed by a business meeting.

Catholic commission for Justice and peace CCJP

The Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission has been established after a fruitful review and planning meeting held at ICL from 18-21 October.
Delegates were drawn from all parishes except Mulilansolo and Serenje. On the last day elections were held, and the following were elected
to steer the Justice and Peace activities in the diocese. Chairperson: Mrs Kumwenda (Chilonga) Vice: Mr. E.N. Mwanshikumbi
(Ichengelo) Secretary: Mr. R. Chikolokoso (Chilonga) Vice: Mr. S. Silwamba (Chinsali) Treasurer: Mrs. V.C. Mwanshinkumbi (Ichengelo)
Committee Members: Mr. P. Phiri (Ichengelo) Mr. R. Kaninga (St. Andrew´s) Mr. W. Mulenga (St. Andrew´s)
Please Note: These people have not yet been commissioned. In the meantime, if you are aware of any serious reasons
that would prevent them from sitting on the Commission, kindly send your reactions to the Pastoral Co-ordinator.

Host Bakery

The new prices for the hosts are small hosts – K4, 000 per packet; Large hosts: K3, 000.per packet obtainable from the Accountant’s
office, headquarters.

Graduation Day

On 13 October 2000, the students from Chilonga School of Nursing and the School of Midwifery celebrated their graduation day.
Forty-six student nurses and midwives received their certificates from Dr. Simutowe, the Provincial Health Director who was the
guest of honour Dr. Simutowe cautioned the graduants to be personally accountable for their practice, perform to their highest ability,
promote and protect the interests, safety and well being of clients. He said they should remember to uphold the principles of
leadership, accountability, partnership and sustainability in the delivering of health care.

ALMs Mulanga

Mulanga Rural Health Centre was handed over to Miss Grace Capuswike on 15 October.
Ms Chapuswike will run the institution on behalf of the Diocese until December this year.
The ALMs had to pull out from Mulanga because of lack of personnel

Public Assistance Fund

The Catholic secretariat has stopped granting assistance to the needy students for the year 2000.
The following is the schedule for 2001: For continuing students: deadline: January 15, 2001; For Grades 8 and 10:
deadline: March 1, 2001; Term 2 Deadline: April 15, 2001; Term 3 deadline: August 15, 2001.
All correspondence should be addressed to the above address only.

Zambia College of Agriculture (ZCA)

CATHOLIC STUDENTS’ RECOLLECTION: On 4 October, 35 students put aside books and left behind college routine activities
to spend a day with the Lord. The recollection under the theme: “An Integrated Christian Life: Spiritual, Social and Development”,
was held at Katibunga Monastery. The venue was carefully selected in order to access students to a reality that faith
motivates development. Of course the Benedictine Monks’ life revolves on prayer and work. The afternoon was spent in private
meditation, guided reflection and discussions. The Eucharistic celebration wrapped it all.

Family Life Office

Chinsali and St. Andrew’s Parishes did organise very successful Marriage Encounter Original Weekends(M/E/O/E/Es) respectively.
The former comprised of 7 couples while the latter involved 10 couples. The facilitating W/E Team was Fr. A. Chanda (Team Priest)
with Frank/Stephen and Annie Phiri from Serenje. For the Chinsali W/E while Michael/Beatrice Mulenga, Josephine/John Mpezeni
(Mulanga Parish) with Fr. A. Chanda facilitated at St. Andrew’s Parish. Congratulations to the organising couples and to Fr. A.
Chanda for a job well done.

Capacity building

We began a series of Bridging Session in Chilonga involving 3 couples. These are 5 steps, which follow a month after the
original M/E W/E to equip couples from W/E with leadership skills and also to further strengthen their couple power.
There is yet a Writers’ Workshop in Ilondola on 8-13 November involving 6-10 couples. Its objective is to groom more couples
to facilitate future M/E W/Es. For the first time in the history of M/E will two Religious nuns- Sisters Vivian Mwale and
Petronella Chisanga SCJ (Chilonga and Ilondola) respectively) be taking part in writing the M/E Talks for the benefit of
fellow sisters on the Original W/E. A challenge to our dear priests. “Ifyakusepa ni fumfwe lelo abancito nabacepa”.


Sister Juliet Musonda LSMI who has joined Chalabesa Community.


Miss Maria Gallegos and Ricela Tolama ALM left for Rome.

Sister Magdalene Kafumbe at HQ and Elizabeth Phiri from Chalabesa LSMI second year novices returning to the
noviciate after their six months pastoral experience.

Condolences to:

Fr. Paul Simukanzye and his family on the death of his young brother who passed away in September.

The Archdiocese of Kasama on the death of Father Matthew Chilungu Nsofwa who passed away on 29 September And was put to rest on 2 October 2000, at Chilubula.

Sister Sabina Namfukwe and her family on the death of her brother who died in Mambwe.

Sister Martha Chanda and family on the death of her mother who passed away in Chilonga Hospital on 24 October 2000. She was put to rest on 26 October at Mpepo Village.

The Superior General and the Sisters of the child Jesus on the death of Sr. Agnes Lucy Kapembwa who passed away on 14 November at Chilubula. She was buried on 16 November.