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The Bishop Adolf Fürstenberg Trustfund

The foundation in action

Mpika Diocese has to date 14 parishes, one Benedictine Monastery at Katibunga, four convents of the congregation of the Sisters of the Child Jesus (SCJ) in Chilonga, Ichengelo, Ilondola and Mulilansolo; four convents of the Blue Nuns (Little Servants of Mary Immaculate, LSMI) in Chalabesa, Lwitikila, Mpika St. Joseph’s and Serenje; two convents of the Tanzanian congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady Queen of Africa (SOLQA) in Nakonde and Isoka; one convent of the Dominican Sisters (OP) in Chilonga, one convent of the Religious Sisters of Charity (RSC) in Mulanga and two houses of the Italian Lay Institute of Consecrated Life, the Association of Missionaries (ALM) in Chinsali and Isoka.

The diocese supports 47 full time catechists, who get their pensions from the diocese as well. We have 33 Zambian diocesan priests and 8 expatriate priests (2 Fidei Donum, 2 OSB, 4 Missionaries of Africa), 12 Zambian brothers (OSB) and 2 Zambian Benedictine priests (OSB);  56 local and 5 expatriate sisters.

The diocese has a 220 bed Mission hospital at Chilonga; a Zambia Enrolled School of Nursing and a School of Midwifery also at Chilonga and four Rural Health Centers (RHC) at Chalabesa, Mulanga, Ilondola and Mulilansolo.

We are running a Community Home Based Care Programs at 17 sites with 600 care givers and 3 494 clients, supporting the sick and the dying. In cooperation with the local community, they also look after the widows and orphans. There is the “Antonella Transient Home for Baby-Orphans” in Chinsali, the Nakonde “St. Mary’s OVC Project” and two Orphan Support Programs in Chinsali and Isoka.

The diocese maintains a Secondary School for 600 girls at Lwitikila; one Convent School for primary education at Tazara, Mpika; a Catechist Training School (CTC) at Mulilansolo with a capacity to train 20 catechists at a go; the Institute for Christian Leadership at Tazara, where courses and workshops for on-going formation are held; two Homecraft Centers at Tazara and Mulanga and five pre-schools in Chalabesa, Isoka, Mulilansolo, Serenje and Lwitikila administrated by our sisters.

The Family Life Office, run by the Mulenga family, is looking into the family life promotion in all parishes of the diocese. They are working together with the Pastoral Coordinator, Father Daniel Kashimoto to foster youth and development work. They also give courses in SNFP (Scientific Natural Family Planning) in all parishes and health institutions.

We have a program to help orphans with secondary school funds (Educaid), to enable them to complete their secondary education. 79 children are currently benefiting from the project.