Archbishop Telesphore-George Mpundu

Bishop Mpundu

Bishop of Mpika 1987 – 2004

Apostolic Administrator 2004 – 2007

Archbishop of Lusaka since 2007

Born 21 May 1945, in Kapatu Parish in the Archdiocese of Kasama.
Ordained priest on 17 December 1972.
Appointed bishop of Mbala on 14 April 1987.
Episcopal Ordination on 21 June 1987.?

An extract from the “Our Diocese Newsletter” from June 1987

Ordination and Enthronement of our new Bishop

The historic day of jubilee and celebration for the Diocese of Mbala eventually dawned on 21 June 1987, bright and sunny but breezy. Flags flying merrily and bells ringing out gaily calling all the people of God to gather in the Cathedral. For the impressive ceremony It seemed as if the whole of Zambia had come to celebrate the event, from the President himself, members of the party and its government, traditional rulers, local government officials, members of the armed forces, the bishops, priests, religious and hundreds of the laity.

About 09.20 hours, the sirens of the outriders heralded the approach of His Excellency Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda, President of the Republic of Zambia, and his party – together with the District Governor of Mbala, Mr. Wamuwl. After being greeted by the Bishops, the President entered the cathedral and took his place waiting for the procession.

At 09.43 hours, the colourful procession, headed by the cross-bearer and altar boys, entered the cathedral. Behind the altar boys came the Catholic Women in their attractive new costumes, the flower girls (who would later dance during the Gloria), over a hundred Sisters from the dioceses of Zambia and, from Sumbawanga in Tanzania, the Makasa drummers, the Seminarians from Mpima and St. Dominic’s, almost a hundred priests and, finally nine bishops with the representative of the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and the bishop-elect.

After the Malole Band had played the National Anthem, His Grace Elias Mutale, Archbishop of Kasama, introduced and welcomed the important Guests. Then Holy Mass began. There were as many people gathered outside the cathedral as there were inside, all following the proceedings with great attentions.

The highlight of the ceremony was the ordination and enthronement of the Right Rev. Telesphore-George Mpundu, as Bishop of Mbala and a great shout of joy went up as he was enthroned. His consecrators were Bishop Adolf F├╝rstenberg, chief consecrator, assisted by Archbishop Elias Mutale and Archbishop Adrian Mung’andu.

The Chairman of the Parish Council welcomed the new Bishop to the Diocese of Mbala.

Then the new Bishop had the opportunity to express his thanks to everyone present, especially His Excellency the President who he referred to as ‘The Father of the nation, and to those working behind the scoes.’ Referring to his motto “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, its remaining alone” (John 12:24) Bishop Mpundu invited us to look at Jesus on the Cross and asked us to follow the example of our powerfull leader and walk the way of the Cross “accepting the role of servant. My hope and prayer is that we in this diocese are going to be at the service of one another and of the nation for the greated abundance of life for all God’s people”.

His Excellency, the President, reminded us that our new Bishop could use a word of encouragement from time to time, just like all leaders. He also hoped that Bishop Mpundu with all christians will be concerned about the right of the family in Zambia, because there are tremendous pressures today as many marriages are breaking under the strain. We want a family life truly Christian and truly African.

Then followed the presentation of gifts and after the ceremony over 450 invited guests were entertained to a sumptuous lunch in the grounds of St Franc Mission.

The President and his party remained until about 16.00 hours in a very relaxed and happy atmosphere.