Bishop Jan van Sambeek (1933-1936)

bishop jan van sambeek

Vicaire Apostolique of Lwangwa 1933 – 1936

When the “Missio Sui Juris” was created on October 26, 1933, Father Jan Van Sambeek was appointed Administrator. One of a family of ten children, he was born in 1886 at Veldhoven in Holland. He studied Theology at Carthage (Tunisia) and was ordained priest in 1911. After a stay in Holland until the end of the 1914-1918 war he was appointed to Bangweolo where he taught at the seminary of Chilubula. In 1927, he opened the Teacher Training College of Rosa to train teachers who would meet government requirements. He became its first Principal. Later he became Education Secretary for the Diocese and it wasthen that he wrote several manuals for schools. His Ifya Bukaya is still in use today and is very much appreciated. After his home leave in 1932, instead of coming back to Bangweolo, he was appointed Prefect Apostolic of Tukuyu in Tanganyika. From there he was appointed Administrator of Lwangwa in December 1933. In 1934, he decided to raise the standard of education of catechists. He personally rundertook the work of recruiting and teaching 20 young men to train catechists, that have been followed by Fr Horst. He was appointed Vicar Apostolic in Tanganyika in 1936. He founded Katibunga Parish in 1936. Extract from “Where it all began”, Bishop Jean-Marie Ogez.