January 2004


A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

January 2004

Important Dates

26-31 January ZEC Plenary Meeting Lusaka
4 February Chilonga Hospital Board Chengelo
9-13 February Meeting of the Presbyterium ICL
14 February ZAS Meeting ICL

Fr. Patrick Mukuka Chibuye

On 19 January, Fr. Patrick Chibuye was involved in a road traffic accident
just in front of the main gate to the HQ. He has since been in Chilonga
Hospital with a multiply fractured left leg, which has been operated on. His
condition is slowly improving. We pray for his quick and complete recovery.

1st Bi-Annual ZAS MEETING at Mpika

The local ZAS will meet on 14 February 2004 at the ICL. A delegate from
Kasama ZAS is expected to address the gathering. Sr. Clare Machisa LSMI
(Chair) and Sr. Rosemary Kabonga SCJ (Vice Treasurer) have both been
transferred to other dioceses thus elections for the two vacant posts will
be held on the same day. Accommodation at the ICL for the night of 13
February will be available for those from distant places.
Those unable to attend should kindly send their contributions in cash to the
Treasurer, Sr. Helen Kasuba at Tazara Convent. Dont miss this meeting, as
there is a lot to share.

Caritas Norway

From 12-14 January, Mpika diocese hosted a partnership meeting with Caritas
Norway. Kasama, Mansa and Mpika dioceses sent delegates from development
departments to attend the meeting. A team from the Catholic Secretariat took
part in the deliberations as well. It was a very fruitful meeting, promising
creative cooperation between the stakeholders.

Welcome to

  • Srs Elizabeth Z. Phiri and Matilda Mulenga LSMI to Lwitikila Community
  • Sr. Belinda Chisanga SCJ to Chilonga community
  • Sr. Albertina Nondo SCJ to Tazara community
  • Sr. Agnes Njenjema LSMI to St. Josephs HQ Community
  • Srs Martha Gorska and Bridget Chibesa (LSMI) to Chalabesa community. Sr.
    Florence Chali is on pastoral experience in the same community.
  • Srs. Perpetua Kepi and Angelina Anyanwu (LSMI) to Serenje community. Sr.
    Clare Chola is on pastoral experience in the same community.

A warm welcome to you and best wishes for a fruitful apostolate in the Diocese of Mpika.


  • Sr. Paxina Mumbi LSMI from Serenje to Mumbwa
  • Sr. Clare Machisa LSMI from Lwitikila to Poland
  • Sr. Carol Mwimba SCJ from Chilonga to Kayambi
  • Sr. Patricia Chibwe LSMI from Chalabesa to Kashikishi

To all of them we say: Thank you and Gods blessings for your future endeavours.


A warm welcome to the parents of Fr. Thomas Matthaei who are in the diocese
for a short visit. We wish them a nice stay.

Changes in the Sisters communities

  1. Sr. Isabel Mwila SCJ has moved from Ilondola to Tazara Convent where she
    will be in charge of the Primary and Pre-School.
  2. Sr. Priscilla Bwalya SCJ moved from Tazara to Chilonga community.
  3. Sr. Elizabeth J. Phiri LSMI from H/Q Convent to Lwitikila
  4. Sr. Tamara Lungu SCJ from Tazara to Ilondola

St. Marks Parish, Isoka

Mr. Simumba Zechariah, fully trained Catechist, who was working in Isoka
Parish (Mwenzo sub-parish) passed away on 24 November and was put to rest on
26 November. He graduated from the CTC in June 2002. May his soul rest in

Condolences to

  • Sr. Christine OBrien RSC whose sister passed away on 28.11.03 in the Canary Island.
  • The Bishop, clergy, religious and laity of Chipata Diocese on the death of Fr. Vincent Mumba in Ireland.
  • Fr. Patrick Simutowe on the death of his father in Mbala.


All missionaries are requested to send a copy of their new Employment
Permits and a copy of their passports (the first pages, containing the
photo, information on the bearer etc.) to the Bishops Office for the
benefit of local immigration officials at district level and to keep our own
records up-dated. Please dont wait for a reminder.

Please note

  • All those with E-mail addresses are requested to forward them to the Bishop’s
    Secretary so that they can receive “Our Diocese” electronically. It is much faster and
  • Please send us any newsworthy events from your parish for inclusion in Our Diocese.
  • Kindly pick up the mail from your pigeonhole when you visit our offices.
  • For more information visit our website at www.diompika.org