Mansa Diocese

Apostolic Administrator of Mansa: The very Rev. Michael Merizzi

Born on February 31st January 1940 in Valleyfield QC, Canada. He was ordained priest at Cornwall. ON, on 26th June 1965 and came to Zambia in December 1966. Taught in schools in Nothern Province; Served as Provincial Superior for the Missionaries of Africa (M.Afr.) from July 1982 to June 1988, and as Provincial Superior of the North American Province from July 2000  to June 2006. Appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Mansa on January 15 2009.

Diocesan Curia and Administration

Mansa Diocese, P.o. Box 710036, Mansa
Bishop:Tel: 021 1 821373; Fax 021 2 821380; Home: 021 2 821341
Email: mansadiocese{a}zamtel.zm