Our Buildings and Constructions

Finished Projects

Here are some of the works already accomplished by the Diocese of Mpika in 2009:

  • Construction of Mulilansolo Catechists training center Shed
  • Installation of the electricity of the Mulilansolo Convent
  • Mulilansolo Dam spillway fortification
  • Repair of the Mulilansolo water intake
  • Construction of the Mulilansolo Church (slab and roof)

Mulilansolo church (slab and roof)

  • Repair of the office (former Miller Plot)
  • Repair of the Bishop’s flat
  • Construction of the Tank Stand for Compound
  • Creation of the Mulanga Houses soak away and septic tank
  • Construction of the staff houses in Mulanga
  • Construction of the Staff Houses in Chilonga

Staff houses in Chilonga

  • Repair of the Head Quarter Sisters Convent water system
  • Construction of the Church’s Steel Structure in Tazara

Church’s Steel Structure in Tazara

  • Replacing geyser, plumbing repair at Head Quarter staff houses
  • Water reticulation in Kopa,

Projects in progress

Here are some of the works still under construction or planed by the Diocese of Mpika in 2009:

  • Construction of the new Out Patient Department in Mulilansolo
  • Installation of the electricity at the Fathers house and at the Catechist training Center in Mulilansolo
  • Construction of a church in Nabwalya
  • Repair of the water reticulation at the RHC of Mulilansolo
  • Construction of Nakonde OVC center (for Orphans)
  • Construction of Nakonde Sisters’ convent

Nakonde Sisters’ convent

  • Construction of Nakonde Presbytory

Nakonde Presbytory

  • Repairs at Isoka offices house
  • Building of 10 number staff houses at the Mulilansolo CTC.
  • Repair of the Chilonga Dominican Sister’s roof (Chapel)
  • Continuing construction of Katibunga “Wirtschaftshof”

Katibunga “Wirtschaftshof”

Katibunga Modification

Contact : Fr Thomas Matthaei : t.matthaei(a)diompika.org