August 2001

Our Diocese

A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

August 2001

Important Dates

21 – 24 August Diocesan Youth Council ICL
23 – 24 August Diocesan Council of the Laity Executive ICL
27 – 29 August Diocesan Pastoral Council ICL
29 – 31 August Presbyterium meeting
30 – 3 September Mpika youth Deanery Rally
3 – 5 September Chinsali Deanery Youth Rally
17 – 21 September HIV/AIDS/HBC Workshop ICL
21 September Chilonga Hospital Board Meeting Chilonga

Vocations from Serenje Parish

  • In Serenje on 04/08/01 at a very colourful celebration the bishop ordained Deacon Francis Kangwa,
    M. Afr. to the priesthood. Fr. Francis was welcomed into the presbyterium by about 28 concelebrating
    priests from the diocese and others from our neighbouring country, Tanzania. After his holiday, the
    newly ordained priest will take up his first appointment as a missionary in one Dar-Es-salaam, Tanzania.
  • On 11/08/01 Fr. Francis Kangwa’s sister, Sr. Twatasha of the Eucharist (Chansa) made her solemn profession
    at the Monastery of St. Clare, Lusaka.
  • On 11/08/01 Sr. Clare V. Machisa made her final profession at Kasisi.

Congratulations and prayerful good wishes to the newly ordained and the finally professed.

Yusufu Scout hike to Mpepo

A favourite Yusufu activity is hiking and walking long distances in nature. Sometimes, the hike may last
for many days without even spending a night in a house. On Friday 17 August 2001, a group of 52 Yusufu
Scouts took off to Mpepo, some 120 km on the Kasama road. They came from the Chilonga, Chibaye, Chibansa,
Chengelo, Chipundu, Kabutula, St. Andrew’s and Malashi troops. The purpose of the hike was to strengthen
the Mpika scout troops and to encourage and strengthen their fellow Yusufu. The scouts spent their first
night at Chikakala. The second night was spent after Shiwang’andu turn-off at a stream called Fiseka and
arriving day was Sunday before 10:00 hrs. in time for mass. Congratulations to all who took part in this
successful hike.

Health corner

From 16-23 July 2001, the Diocesan AIDS/HBC Coordinator went for field visits to Mulilansolo, Ilondola,
Mulanga, Isoka, Chalabesa, Chinsali and Nakonde in order to familiarize herself with HIV/AIDS programs
in the Rural Health Centers.

From 2-8 September 2001 there will be a one-week Counselling Course at ICL for those who have done the
first 8 weeks of training.

From 17-21 September 2001 there will be a diocesan sensitization workshop on HIV/AIDS activities. At the
end of this workshop, it is hoped that implementation and promotion of these programs will be achieved.

Please note that the telephone number for the HBC/AIDS Coordinator is 370 493

Catholic charismatic renewal

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Zambia is organizing a Life in the Spirit Seminar for Priests and
Religious to be held from 8-14 October 2001 at Francisdale in Ndola Diocese. A team from Uganda will
facilitate this seminar. They are inviting priests and religious to attend this seminar as it can be very
helpful in their lives.

Pastoral Department

Visitors: From 2-5 July the Legion of Mary was visited by two Legionaries from Uganda’s Kampala Senatus
delegated by the Dublin Office. Mr. Joseph Kirumira and Ms. Hellen Kisakye discussed among other issues
with the Legionaries, ways to re-adapt the movement to the present demands of the local and universal Church.

Justice & Peace: All Parishes except Chalabesa had leaders and good governance workshops on different dates
from May to August. The Mulanga Parish Team has now completed the two-phase training sessions. Thanks to Mr.
Chikolokoso for his voluntary spirit and to all hosting Parishes.

Welcome to

  • Frs Francis Ntenga and Matthew Luchewe who come back to the Diocese from Kayambi (now in Kasama
    Archdiocese). Fr. Ntenga has been appointed to Chilonga whereas Fr. Luchewe goes to Isoka.
  • Sr. Petronella Mulenga LSMI who joins Lwitikila Community
  • Fr. Luc Antaya (M. Afr.) who comes from Mansa and goes to Ilondola to team up with Fr. B. Pehle
  • Mr. Christian Wahsweiler, a German volunteer who is an electrician, will be working in our diocesan workshop.

A warm welcome to all and wishing you God’s blessings during your stay in the Diocese.


  • Sr. Euphrasia Mwaba LSMI left Lwitikila for Kashikishi
  • Fr. Guido Stuer, M. Afr. from Ilondola, who goes on study leave
  • Dr. Pauline Borsboom from Chilonga Hospital, who left the Diocese after her contract expired in August.
  • Mr. Johannes Dietrich (Jojo) who has left the Diocese for Germany.

We would like to thank them all for the work they did for the diocese. God bless.

Condolences to:

  • Br. Oswald Chanda OSB whose young brother passed away on 13/08/01 at Mpika General Hospital.
  • Sr. Veronica Ignatia Kabwe whose mother passed away in Kasama hospital on 29 August 2001.

We pray that God will comfort and strengthen the families in their sorrow and grant eternal rest to their departed loved ones.

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  3. The E-mail address for the Vocation Director is vocation@diompika.org
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