Serious Life

Volunteers – Serious Life

What is expected from me?

A short list how a volunteer should be like. We know that you are not a superman but if some of the following abilities sound familiar you might be our man.

  • Important: You should be able to work on your own and to take the initiative.
  • Don’t pass out after two bottles of beer. Otherwise everybody will drink you under the table. (Zambia is the land with the second most per-head-consumption of beer, after Germany)
  • Driving License. Though the streets are in a bad state it is fun to drive, once you are used to it.
  • We don’t need slave masters.
  • Don’t know it better then everybody here. Sometime you might think everything is primitive, but soon you’ll see that there is a lot you can learn from all the guys here.
  • On the other side: Prepare to share your own knowledge with others.

What and where will I work?

The diocesan area is quite big. There’ll always be something to be done. Depending on what you can do and what you like to do you’ll be assigned to various projects.

  • Car mechanic: The Headquarters have their own garage.
  • Carpenter: There is a carpentry next to the garage.
  • Electrical technician: Most of the outstations are powered by solar. Maintenance is often needed.
  • Plumber: Again: Maintenance and of course all kinds of new water projects.
  • Bricklayer: We are always building something…

Nothing of the above? Don’t worry. Maybe your are a future teacher or another useful worker for the Diocese. Provided you don’t mind manual work and wait for the things to happen by themselves.