Yusufu-Movement (boyscouts)

Aims & Methods of the Yusufu Movement

1. Man is made to praise God in prayer and works of charity, to honor and serve Him and so to take part in the building up of the Kingdom of God. That is the foundation of the Yusufu-Movement; it has its place in the Catholic Church.

2. The Yusufu-Movement is a method of educational training for freedom. It gives a sense of responsibility to the boys and teaches them leadership in the sense of service. It does not support Co-education and is a movement for boys only.

3. The Yusufu-Movement wants to form men of faith, real sons of the Church. Therefore we try to develop in them a taste for meditation, a feeling for the sacred, sound judgement and humility. In a spirit of poverty the Ba Yusufu are at the service of the Church, showing concern especially for the poor and the sick. They are trained to accept their responsibility in church and society. The Yusufu-Movement forms the character of young people, spiritually as well as intellectually.

4. In the knowledge that they are called, to praise God, the Ba Yusufu take a special interest in the Liturgy. In Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, the bride of the Holy Spirit and the Mother of the Church, we find, through the merits of Christ, holiness and grace in its perfection. As Ba Yusufu we trust always in Mary’s motherly care and protection. Our patron saint, as the name of the movement indicates is St. Joseph, the worker and the protector of the Holy Family.

5. Other activities of the Yusufu Movement include games and living with and in nature (camps, hikes, etc…). We use simple means and techniques and try to develop the boys’ imagination, ingenuity and appreciation of teamwork. Art, music, literature and the whole range of human culture are visible forms of human freedom. Therefore we focus on music and artistic activities (like drama, plays, singing, dancing, etc…) Knowing one’s own culture leads to understanding and tolerance of traditions of others.

6. The Ba Yusufu live in small groups of six to eight (patrol system) led by an age-mate. This system enables them, on a small scale, to discover their abilities and limitations. At the same time they learn to assume responsibility, to fulfill their duties, to accept authority and to settle conflicts peacefully. The different tests and badges help the boys to improve themselves constantly, both spiritually and intellectually.

7. Each Ba Yusufu group is supposed to be self-supporting. In the rural areas this is mainly done through agricultural activities (own fields, gardens, etc..) At the same time, these activities prepare them to care for their future families. Since the Yusufu Movement provides an integral formation it will bring development through change of mentality.

Father Thomas

Kopa, March 17, 1989.

Captain James