Pastoral Coordinator

You will find in attachment the Pastoral Strategic Plan 2009-2013 (pdf), for more informations, contact Fr. John Sinkala, Pastoral Coordinator

Diocesan Vocations Office

This is an office that spearheads an aggressive, intensive and sustains campaign for vocations to the priesthood, religious life and family lives.


  1. To liaise with Parish Teams in ensuring that there is continuous prayers for Vocations in families, small Christian communities and prayer centers.
  2. Collaborate with Parish teams in promoting vocations in centers, primary and secondary schools and in the task of selecting and recommending applicants to the seminary.
  3. To prepare and distribute material for use in promoting vocations especially on vocation Sunday.
  4. To visit vocations clubs in all secondary schools in the Diocese at least twice a year holding retreat/prayers/recollection/reflection weekends in view of assisting prospective candidates to do the initial discernment.
  5. To be a resource person at Search and Yes retreat, good occasions for promoting vocations.
  6. To attend the Diocesan school chaplains’ meetings and those of the Diocesan Catholic teachers’ association with a view of soliciting these bodies’ support in the task of promoting vocations among primary and secondary school children.
  7. To liaise with the Rectors of Lubushi and Emmaus in processing applications to the seminary and keeping in touch with candidates through correspondence.
  8. To visit seminaries at least twice a year meeting with each candidate as a way of accompanying the seminarians in their formation years.
  9. To liaise with the Bishop and Pastoral Coordinator in choosing pastoral placements for seminarians on pastoral work and pastoral year. Accompanying them during formation in conjunction with the seminaries.
  10. To be in constant touch with junior priests up to six years of ordination to ensure that they settle down and mature in their vocation as priests and men of prayer.
  11. To organize annual seminars or on-going formation workshops for junior and senior local clergy.
  12. To keep the Ordinary regularly informed and to give a comprehensive annual report to the Diocesan presbyteral council.
  13. To make a budget and submit it to the Ordinary, copy to the Treasurer General, in order to facilitate fund raising for vocations promotion work.
  14. To mobilize for funds to support formation work.

The current Vocation Director is Fr. Alick Ngosa

Contact: Fr. Alick Ngosa: a.ngosa(a)diompika.org

Youth Office

Vision: An integrally develop youth fully involved in evangelization and sustainable Development.

Mission: Mpika Diocese Youth Office based on the Gospel values and the teaching of the Church is committed to a distinctive and holistic formation of the youths using our structures through full participation in spiritual formation, evangelization and social transformation.

Objectives: Every young person is unique and loved by God and has the right and responsibility to play a key role in all matters affecting his or her life.

  1. To contribute to the growth and integral evangelization of youths
  2. To ensure that programs designed cater for youths at all levels.
  3. To enhance the involvement of youths in activities of the Diocese at all levels
  4. To form youths in understanding their social, economic and political contexts.
  5. To coordinate, monitor and evaluate youth programs and activities at various levels.
  6. To foster the involvement of Youths in the life and mission of the Church through capacity building and skills training.
  7. To build capacity in sustainable production and productivity
  8. To enhance the recognition of sound values (Personal, moral, social, cultural and spiritual)
  9. To ensure that Parishes design programs that cater for the following age groups: 5 – 14 years, 15 – 19 years, 20 – 30years and 15 – 35 year married youths.

Contact: Fr. Roland Kalasani; r.kalasani(a)diompika.org



A spirit – filled family of God self sustaining and fully involved in integral evangelization


Inspired by the gospel and the teaching of the church we are committed to empowerment and sustainable integral development of the family of God, with special attention to the youth, through prayer, evangelization, promotion of Justice and peace, provision of health, education, life skills training and support


To promote access to education for orphans and vulnerable children during their secondary school level through financial and spiritual support.

Priority Interventions of Educaid

The priority interventions:

  • Sponsoring children who are single or double orphans and have nobody to help them finish their secondary education.
  • Sponsoring children who come from large families with low income due to unemployment that is prevalent in the country.
  • Sponsoring children who have single parents, in most cases women, who are left to look after large families and are not able to provide for the education of their children.
  • Sponsoring children who are left under the care of aged parents who are not able to support them academically.

Contact: Sr. Sr Rabbeca Mwale, the Educaid Coordinator


Office of the Women Promoter


The Mission of women desk in Mpika Diocese is to support, empower and educate all Catholic Women in Spirituality, leadership and service to enable them fulfill their role of evangelization, and promoting integral development


  • To unite Catholic Women organizations in Mpika Diocese in purpose, direction and action in religion, education, social and economic fields
  • To unite Catholic Women in the Diocese and Coordinate their actives, which takes place in the Church and in society in line with the Policies of the Diocese, National Council of Catholic Women and Diocesan Council of the Laity.
  • To promote the Contribution of the Catholic Women to the Community
  • To support women in the struggle for human and Spiritual development and enable them to have greater efficiency and usefulness in meeting the needs of time
  • To be the link between local Catholic Women’ organization and other National  organizations

The Women after their Annual General Meeting together with Sr. Jane Kaputa the Diocesan Women promoter


  • To study in a Christian Spirit, problems relating to the advancement of women, and other problems of general interest
  • To work for the recognition of  Women’s place in society, their dignity, their rights and access them to equal opportunities for employment, education and other possibilities, involving social, religious, political sectors
  • To promote among Catholic women an understanding of their responsibilities so that they are empowered to contribute to their own development and render good service to the society and to the Church
  • Work for human and religious freedom
  • To organize study groups, seminars, workshops and meetings on topics related to the objectives
  • To organize retreats and other spiritual exercises for women
  • Mobilize and animate Women activities in the Diocese through the established structures
  • Mobilize local and other funding/ resources for women programmes
  • Working with relevant sectors, bring forth information programmes on Heath, Culture, HIV and AIDS and Economic Empowerment to Women
  • Promote Education for all but especially education for the girl child, Women adult literacy

Women at the World Day of Prayer


All the Catholic Women in the 14 Parishes of Mpika Diocese from family, small Christian Communities, centre, sub parish, parish, deanery, Diocese level. Membership is open to all Catholic Women Organization

The Women desk together with the Women Council is “a non profit” making organization


Mpika Diocese Women desk is based on the Gospel Values and teaching of the Church that is committed to;

  • Prayer
  • Unity and peace building
  • Serving God through neighbours
  • Charity
  • Solidarity
  • Dignity of human rights
  • Sustainability
  • Faith linked to action
  • Hard-working
  • Integrity

Contact: Mrs. Banda (Promoter) at the Pastoral Office