March 2002


A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

March 2002

Important Dates

4-15 March Aids Counseling Course ICL
12-15 March Chinsali Deanery Meeting Mulanga

Novena to The Listening Heart of Jesus Christ

Last year’s novena prayers for vocations were introduced and
this arrangement should be continued. We appreciate the seriousness
that characterized the previous novena and hope that it will be the
same this year. This year a Bemba version was made available
to facilitate a wider participation of the lay faithful.

This year’s novena begins on 12 April and ends on 20 April.
VOCATION SUNDAY is on 21 April. The novena prayers are designed in
form of the Rosary, a style most people are acquainted with. Thus
the Novena can be said at any time individually, as a family or SCC
or at Church or the whole congregation together.

Let us together as a Church of Mpika Diocese ‘storm
heaven with prayers
’ for vocations to the Religious
Life and Priesthood.

Chinsali Deanery

The Chinsali Deanery meeting took place as scheduled in Mulanga
on 13 March. There were only 14 participants as other members
were committed with important duties. The meeting started with
Holy Mass presided by the Dean.

Chinsali Deanery Youth Rally

The meeting observed that the emphasis of the Youth Rally should
be on deepening the faith and not on sports competition as has
been the case in the past. It was therefore decided that the
priest in charge of Youth in the different parishes together
with Fr. Francis Kasolo form a Steering Committee to implement
the resolution immediately.


  • Fr. Piotr Kolcz, Fidei Donum Priest from Katowice Archdiocese,
    Poland who has come to work in the diocese. He is currently
    learning Bemba at Ilondola Language Centre.
  • Sr. Patricia Mwalula LSMI from Lusaka to Chalabesa RHC.
  • Sr. Annie Chanda SCJ who takes over as Manager Clinical Care at Chilonga Hospital.
  • Sr. Jane Kaputa LSMI from Mansa to St. Joseph’s Convent, Diocesan HQ.


  • Sr. Rosemary Luo and Sr. Theresa Bwalya SOLQA who left Mulilansolo
    for Tanzania. Sr. Luo was the Sister In Charge at the RHC.
  • Sr. Grace M. Kaela SCJ who has left the Diocese for Mansa.
  • Sr. Ignatia V. Kabwe SCJ who leaves Ilondola community for
    Ipusukilo, Kasama Archdiocese.
  • Sr. Krystyna Jarzebak LSMI from HQ Convent to Lusaka Archdiocese.

To all of them we say: Thank you and God’s blessings in your future endeavors.

Diocesan HIV/AIDS/Home Based Care Programme

There will be a ‘UNAIDS’ Workshop on “Human
Capacity Development” at ICL from 3-6 April for all
organizations involved in HIV/AIDS projects.

The Diocesan Coordinator will visit Isoka Home Based Care Project
from 8-10 April

There will be a quarterly HOME Based Care local
coordinators’ meeting on 12 April at ICL.

Condolences to

  • To the Jesuit Provincial and Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Zambia
    on the death of Fr. Felix Kalebwe on 26 February in Lusaka. Burial
    was on 1st March.
  • The Bishop, clergy, religious and laity of Mansa Diocese on the
    tragic death in a road traffic accident of Fr. Benjamin Mulenga on
    the eve of Palm Sunday. He was put to rest on 26 March.
  • Archbishop James Spaita of Kasama on the death of his mother on 25
    March at her home in Lubwe. Burial was on 27 March.
  • Sr. Elizabeth Mutamba SCJ on the death of her father on 26 March.
    Burial took place on 28 March.
  • Sr. Catherine Chikopela on the death of her elder brother who
    passed away in Mbala on 22 March.

May the deceased be received in eternal peace and the bereaved
receive the Lord’s consolation.

Diocesan Health Coordinator

After a few visits to the Rural Health Centers and Chilonga
Hospital, a report on the health Institutions of the Diocese has
been finalized at the beginning of March. We want to express our
thanks to the Management Teams of these institutions for their
efficient collaboration.

News from Overseas

After three years of battling against stomach cancer and enduring
much suffering Fr. Konrad Berg, who worked in this diocese from
1968 to 1987 in Chilonga, St. Andrew’s and Katibunga
parishes, finally passed away in Germany on 18 March and was buried
on 26 March 2002. Konrad Berg was ordained on 26 July 1964 and
arrived in the diocese as Fidei Donum Priest of Mainz Diocese in
September 1968. He worked for two years in Chilonga parish before
moving to Mpika in December 1970 where with Fr. Ulrich Piwek he
co-founded St. Andrew’s Parish and therefore Ichengelo
Parish as well. Apart from Parish work which included a big portion
of Katibunga area, he also taught RE at Mpika High School. He went
back to Germany in April 1987 and was eventually appointed to
Wald-Michelbach, the same parish where Fr. Klaus Holzamer, our
former Treasurer General, is now parish priest. May the Risen Lord
whom Fr. Konrad Berg served so faithfully to the end reward him
with eternal happiness and peace.

Fr. Piwek wrote to us:

”Dear Sisters, Fathers and friends of Fr. Konrad Berg,

Three days ago we buried Father Berg in his home village. A very
big number of Christians from the different parishes of his
activities and many priests were present. After the mass I was
given the chance to read to all of them and the relatives of Konrad
the letter of Bishop Mpundu.

I also told them of so many of you, who have thought and prayed for
him. In the name of his relatives and friends I want to thank you
for your prayers for him and for the e-mails you have sent to me.
The good Lord will reward Konrad for his service both in Zambia and
in Germany.

All of you and your communities, I want to wish you the love and
protection of the risen Lord.

Yours sincerely: Father Ulrich Piwek.”

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We wish you all a very Happy Easter Season, Peace and Joy of our Risen Lord!