June 2003


A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

June 2003

Important Dates

9-13 June IPCT Ndola
12 July Ordination Chengelo Parish


Our seminarians Bonaventure Bwanakweri and Teddy Chilufya were ordained
Deacons on 1 June 2003 at St. Dominic’s Major Seminary, Lusaka.
On 12 July Deacon Patrick M. Chibuye will be ordained priest by our bishop
at Chengelo Parish in Tazara/Mpika. Let us keep these three young men in our

Mulilansolo CTC

Catechists’ Refresher Course

The last session of Refresher Courses for trained catechists for Chilonga,
Katibunga, St. Andrew’s and St. Joseph’s Parishes that was held at the ICL
came to an end on 30 May 2003. Prior to this, the CTC team ,with the help
of the team from the Pastoral Co-ordinator’s office, had done sessions in
Serenje and Chalabesa-Kopa. We thank all the Parish Teams for their co-operation.

Orientation course for learner catechists

This happened in two places, at Serenje from 12-16 May and at the ICL from 26-30
May. The following are the candidates selected for the 2003 intake:

  1. CHALABESA: Mr. Stephen Kalela and Mrs. Elizabeth Chanda Kalela
  2. KATIBUNGA: Mr. Abraham Kabamba and Mrs. Miriam Chishimba. There is still another couple to attend the course.
  3. KOPA: Mr. Emmanuel Kunda and Mrs. Angela Bwalya, Mr. Obino Paul Mulenga and Mrs. Patricia Kunda.
  4. MULANGA: Mr. Vincent Bwalya Mulenga and Mrs. Charity Bwalya.
  5. ST ANDREW’S: Mr. Joseph Kafula Kamuchanga and Mrs. Bibian Mulenga
  6. SERENJE: Mr. Boyd Chibuye and Mrs. Joyce Kunda. The Parish Team may not release the other one.

Also Isoka, St. Marc’s, has a candidate, that was unable to attend the course. If there
are other Parishes with candidates, please send in your applications.

N.B. Mr. and Mrs. Kafula, of St. Andrew’s Parish and Mr. and Mrs. Chibuye, of Serenje
Parish will be trained as “couple catechists”

Those who have not yet sent the application forms should do so soon to enable the
Director to send the acceptance letters by the first week of July 2003.

Welcome to

  • Sr. Ruth Nambeya SCJ to Chilonga community.
  • Sr. Nora Mary Emperor SSHJM and 5 SSHJM postulants in Chilonga
  • Sr. Geraldine Lynch SSHJM who had gone home
  • Fr. Piet Van Heijst who had gone home for medical leave

A warm welcome to you and best wishes for a fruitful apostolate in the Diocese of Mpika.


  • Sr. Elizabeth Momba LSMI from Lwitikila to Matero
  • Sr. Rhoda Buti LSMI from Chalabesa to Matero

Diocesan Aids HBC Coordinator

Global Statistics on HIV/Aids according to UNAIDS/WHO December 2002

Adults and children estimated to be living with HIV/Aids (worldwide) = 42 million,
in North Africa & Middle East = 550000 and Sub-Saharan Africa = 29.4 million

Estimated number of adults & children newly infected with HIV during 2002 (wordwide = 5 million),
in North Africa & Middle East = 83000 while Sub-Saharan Africa = 3.5 million

Estimated adult & children deaths due to HIV/Aids in 2002 (wordwide) = 3.1 million,
in North Africa & Middle East = 37000 and Sub-Saharan Africa = 2.4 million

  • Supervisory visits were conducted in Mulilansolo, Nakonde, Mwenzo and
    Isoka HBC. Special thanks go to the coordinators and their caregivers for the
    support given and for everything done during the visits. Field visits conducted
    were very fruitful and encouraging. Please keep it up.
  • HBC coordinators meeting will take place on 4 July 2003 at the ICL


Fr. Charles Kabuswe would like to express his gratitude to priests, religious and laity
for their support and prayers during the funeral of his father who passed away on
22.03.03 and was put to rest on 24.03.03.

Condolences to

The Regional Superior, Mulanga Sisters’ Community and all Religious Sisters of
Charity on the death of Sr. Bernadette Mc Kenna. Sr. Bernadette was born in Ireland
and came to Zambia in the 1980s. She was first comissioned to Namwala in Monze
Diocese then to Kabwata in Lusaka where she worked in the Home Craft Centre. She
also started “Open Community Schools” for Orphans on different compounds in
Lusaka. In 2001 she returned home, her health was failing. On 27 May 2003 she died
suddenly and peacefully in Dublin. Her community and family will sadly miss her.
The children from the Community Schools will remember her kindness and love. May
her soul rest in peace.

Please note

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    Secretary so that they can receive “Our Diocese” electronically. It is much faster and
  • Please send us news of notable events in your parish for inclusion in “Our Diocese”.
  • Don’t forget to check your pigeonhole for mail when you visit the diocesan
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