January 2002

Our Diocese

A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

January 2002

Important Dates

16 January Chilonga Hospital Board Meeting Chilonga
23 February ZAS Meeting Lwitikila
March AIDS Counseling Course ICL, Mpika

Catholic Youth Association (CAYA)

From 10 to 13 January 2002, 50 CAYA members from St. Andrew’s and Ichengelo Parishes had a three days BCP initial- and
facilitators Training Workshop. The focus was on behavior change for abstinence from casual sex, BCP for life Development,
BCP for Vocation Promotion and for Self-Reliance.

From 18 to 20 January 2002, the Community of OSB Fathers and Brothers and those in formation had their INITIAL BCP Seminar
as part of their material for their Benedictine way of life. It is a good example to other religious communities. It is an
inspiring gesture especially since Katibunga is now a Parish.

N.B. All parishes have a lot of youths. It is hoped that before the end of this year BCP Initial and facilitators Training
Workshops will be organized.

Formation 2001/2002

There are 13 Seminarians at St. Dominic’s Major Seminary for our diocese, this year. We have 2 Deacons. 1 seminarian has finished
his pastoral year, 3 are out on their pastoral experience; 3 are in their 5th year and 4 are in their 4th year. While St.
Augustine Major Seminary (Mpima) has 7 seminarians in Philosophy and Emmaus Spirituality Centre has 3 seminarians.

Let us continue praying for more vocations in our diocese.

ALM Isoka

38 participants, mainly students from Isoka, Chinsali and Mpika attended the search retreat from 7 to 10 December 2001 in Isoka.
It was a success and all participants expressed their appreciation and were already anticipating the next retreat. Another search
retreat will be soon after school close in April 2002, but actual dates will be communicated. All youths that have never attended
such a retreat are encouraged to do so this coming school holiday.

The BCP workshop conducted by the facilitators of Isoka FISH group in December was a great success. This was done for 3 consecutive
weekends among the prisoners, a total of 159 prisoners attended. The workshop was highly appreciated by the prisoners and the Prison
Authority. As this was the first time that such a seminar was done for them. They asked if more workshops of this kind could be
organized. It was nice to see the prisoners participating actively and lively. Sharing their experiences at the end, they expressed
a sense of change of heart.

Welcome to

  • Fr. Roy Jules (M.Afr.) to Serenje Parish.
  • Dr. Mirjam Voskamp to Chilonga Hospital replacing Dr. Pauline Borsboom.
  • Srs. C. Mwimba, M.T. Mulenga, Eliza Kaoma, T. Lungu and E. Mubanga SCJ.
  • Srs. Theresa Ziwa, Mary Musonda, Gloria Shepe, Catherine Mutalashi and Martha Mwala LSMI


  • Dr. Ana Isabel Ruiz Torres, ALM who left the Diocese for Mexico. We thank her for all the years of commitment and dedication in Mulanga RHC and Isoka.
  • Srs. Majorie Mwansa, Genevieve Kapuka and Belinda Chisanga SCJ.
  • Sr. Bernadette Zulu and Angela Mushitu LSMI

Condolences to:

  • The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary on the death of Sr. John Baptist (9 January) in the UK. Sister John Baptist
    worked in Chilonga Hospital from 1959 to 1974 and was the second Matron after Sister Romana was transferred to Mbala General Hospital.
    She later came back to Zambia and worked with her sisters in the Home Based Care Programme in Ndola.

May God grant her eternal happiness.


More than 1,500 school-going children benefit from the bursary schemes run by the Diocese of Mpika for the past three years.
The Diocese involved itself in this cause identifying underprivileged and orphaned children and at the same time to facilitate
their boarding and PTA fees.

EDUCAID is sponsored by private donors both local and from the UK (Friends of Chilonga). The project has put committees in place
in every community whose duty it is to identify and select the needy, monitor that all selected pupils report to their respective
schools on time and to ensure that during holidays these pupils are well behaved. The coordinator acts as a liaison officer and
facilitates funding. Sometimes the coordinator has to bargain for lower prizes during the PTA meetings. This project caters for
both girls and boys in their secondary education. Due to high boarding fees there are only 81 pupils sponsored by EDUCAID; it is
hoped, however, that this number could be raised once more money from good Samaritans is received.

ZECAB is a European Union funded project helping a boy child from grade one to grade seven while a girl child is sponsored up to
grade nine. Being “gender sensitive”, only 35% are boys and 65% must be girls. Funds are made available by the EU and currently
this project is in 29 schools of MPIKA district, with a total number of 1036 pupils. This year we are extending to five more schools
in Chalabesa Parish. Thus the number will rise to 1236 pupils. ZECAB helps throughout the country. For Chinsali district, for example,
the ALM Community is running the project.

Our special thanks go to our private donors, the European Union and the UK Committee “Friends of Chilonga” for their timely support.
Other people wishing to help can become a sponsor by donating money to the Treasurer General of Mpika Diocese, Fr. Thomas Matthaei
by specifying “for Educaid”

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