Groups and movements

Gathered around a flag

Current Movements:

1. Computer Club, by Mr. E. Namalinga

2. Mathematics Club for Juniors, by Mr. J. Silomba

3. Mathematics Club for Seniors, by Mr. M. Mwila

4. Junior Engineers, by Mr. K. Chirambo

5. Entrepreneurship Education, by Mr. E. Hichilema

6. Safe Club, by Mr. A. Chali

7. Drama Club, by Mr. E. Munshya

Drama at the open Theatre

8. Debate Club, by Mr. A. Munsanda

9. Lwiz Mag club, by Mr. Hichilema

10. Legion of Mary, by Sr. S. Kagulura

11. Xaverians, by Sr. T. Phiri

12. Vocation Club, by Sr. C. Chola

13. Bible Study Group, by Fr. C. Kabuswe

14. Young Christian Fellowship, by Mr. H.M Phiri

15. Church Choir, Stella and AGC, by Sr. M. Mulenga

16. Junior Pioneers, by Mr. E. Chileshe

17. Solidarity with the poor, by Mr. J.B Farce, Sr. J. Bwalya and Mr. E. Silweya

Visit of the Solidarity Club at Chikwanda

Visit of the Solidarity Club at the Orphanage of Mpika

Historical of the Movements:

Community Camps

Each year since the community camps have been organised, some girls have volunteered to give two weeks of their holiday to working on a selected project. In 1970 eight girls went to work in Chinsali District. There were building a road and clearing the surroundings for the new Lubwa Hospital. They were accommodated at KK Secondary School for a fortnight.

In 1971 ten girls went with Sister Immaculata to Chifwile farm in Luwingu District to harvest maize. During their camp they were not so lucky as the first group since they had to carry all the water for washing and cooking.

In 1972 ten girls went with Sister Simeon to Isoka District. There they made bricks for two teacher’s houses at the new site of Barton school.

Young Farmers Club

Over the years we have had many clubs and movements in the school. One of the first clubs to be started was the Young Farmers Club. They began by clearing an area of bush, starting a garden and selling their vegetables to the school for boarding.

When there was a great effort to develop Young Farmers Clubs in the country, and Art Competition was held in order to choose a poster to encourage clubs throughout the country. The winning poster was painted by Barbara Chonya, a member of the YFC who late became our first head-girl.

In 1966 Miss Sue Dale developed the club, and when she left the school Mr John became the club adviser. He wanted to have poultry as well as vegetables and so he built the first chicken houses. He also bought the first school Honda cultivator, and taught the girls to plough their house gardens with it.

After Mr John left in 1970, the club members continued without an adviser until Sister Scholastica took it on in 1972

The Rangers

From the beginning of the school the Rangers were a strong movement. They too raided funds by gardening. They sold vegetables weekly to the Crested Crane Hotel. Miss Catherine Davis organised the Rangers till she left in 1968. Unfortunately they were disbanded after Mrs Davis left.

Altar Servers

In 1968 Father van Dorst trained his group of altar Servers. Since Father left, each group has trained the next. The  privilege of serving Mass is reserved for the Form 2 girls.

Drama Club

In 1967 Mr Patrick James started the Drama Club. In 1967 and 1968 he presented plays very successfully for the Arts Festival. The club was continued by Miss Jordan and then for a while it ceased to function, In 1973 Tembi Vibetti, a Form 4 prefect revived it, with the help of Miss Eileen Kenny.

Science Club

In 1969Mr Anthony started the science club. The first members were Form 4 girls who did very good work painting posters which are still used by the Science Classes throughout the school. The science club has exhibited its work at the various Science Fairs and had done well over the years.

The Choir

In 1963 Sister Agnes started the first school choir. Sister Stephen continued it when Sister Agnes left in 1964.

In 1967 Miss Joan Hanley spent much time and effort bringing the choir to a very high standard. She entered Junior and Senior choirs with good success in the Arts Festival.

When Miss Hargaden joined the staff, she kept up the high standard and then went on to se an equally high standard for the English Church choir. Her guitar masses were greatly appreciated by all. She gave everyone much happiness through her singing years at Lwitikila.

Tribal Dancing Group

The Tribal Dancing Group has been long established in the school several teachers have been associated with it, among them Miss Lynn Walker, Miss Aine Jordan, and Miss Christine Mackinnon. Miss Mary Chibwabwa has directed the group since 1972.

The Tribal Dancing Group has had much success in various shows in Mpika, Kasama and Lusaka. They are always such a pleasure to watch and we hope all members will keep up the splendid tradition of the group.

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary had bee started shortly after the school began. Father Kohle looked after the Legion at first. In March 1966 Father Levesque brought two Legion envoys that had come from Ireland, on a visit to the school. The movement was then re organised under Father Kohle, Sister Austin, Sister Immaculata and Miss Nuala Breen. Very good work was done in the villages round the school. The Legion later became part of the Young apostles in 1969, and in 1970 became the Young Christian Students.

Adult Literacy Club

In 1966 the Adult Literacy Club was started by the local Adult Literacy Officer, Mr Kumwenda. He instructed the girls during the first term, and when they had been awarded their teaching certificates, they went out to teach in Sefu, Chwlwe, Chintu, and Chikwanda. They always walked there and back until the school got its first vanette at the end of 1967.

Student Christian Movement

Miss Dale started the S.C.M in 1967 and this has flourished in the school since then.

Young Apostles

In 1969 the two movements, Legion of Mary and SCM worked together for activities under the guidance of Miss Jordan, Miss Hume and Father Carey. The group was called Young Apostles. The work undertaken included Adult Literacy, Women’s clubs, Cooking and Nutrition clubs. Children’s clubs were also started.
A Minibus was bought during the year and the Young Apostles were able to teach not only in Sefu, Chintu, Chalwe and Chikwanda but also in Malashi, Malisawa and Katongo.

Since 1973 The Womens’ Clubs have been looked after by Sister Devota.

Young Christian Students

Since the Young Christian Student movement is very widespread in Zambia and elsewhere, the movement was started here in 1971. This now takes the place of the Legion of Mary. It is now a very strong and active movement in the school.

The Xaverians

Also in 1971 the Xaverian group was started as an apostolic movement for girls in Forms 1 and 2. The Xavarian movement is directed by senior girls in the school,   who very generously give up several hours of their time each week. Father Laverty, who succeeded Father Levesque as Director of Lay Apostolate in the Diocese of Mbala, has always been a helpful advisor to all groups. We depend very much on the Xaverians, S.C.M. and Y.C.S. to keep a good Christian spirit among us all.

The School Magazine

The school magazine was started by the English Department in 1972. All articles were written, edited and typed by the girls themselves, with the assistance of some members of staff. The magazine is an excellent production, and we all look forward to each new edition.

1. Computer Club by Mr. E. Namalinga

2. Mathematics Club for Juniors by Mr. J. Silomba

3. Mathematics Club for Seniors by Mr. M. Mwila

4. Junior Engineers by Mr. K. Chirambo

5. Entrepreneurship Education by Mr. E. Hichilema

6. Safe Club by Mr. A. Chali

7. Drama Club by Mr. E. Munshya

8. Debate Club by Mr. A. Munsanda

9. Legion of Mary by Sr. S. Kagulura

10. Xaverians by Sr. T. Phiri

11. Vocation Club by Sr. C. Chola

12. Bible Study Group by Fr. C. Kabuswe

13. Young Christian Fellowship by Mr. H.M Phiri

14. Church Choir, Stella and AGC by Sr. M. Mulenga

15. Junior Pioneers by Mr. E. Chileshe

16. Solidarity with the poor by Mr. J.B Farce, Sr. J. Bwalya and Mr. E.