February 2004


A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

February 2004

Important Dates

1-2 March Mpika Deanery meeting St. Josephs
8-9 March Chinsali Deanery meeting Chinsali
17 March Chilonga Hospital Board Chilonga
16-22 March Vocation camp Chilonga

1st Bi-Annual Mpika ZAS MEETING

The 1st bi-annual ZAS meeting that took place on 14 February at ICL brought
together 28 participants. The only remaining ZAS Executive members Srs.
Christina OBrien (secretary) and Helen Kasuba (treasurer) saw to it that
the days deliberations went on smoothly. Fr. Piet van Heijst M.Afr., Vicar
for the Religious, celebrated the mass.

The meeting had to hold elections because four positions had become vacant
as a result of transfers/study leaves of sisters. The following are the new
office bearers: – Chair: Sr. Jane Kaputa LSMI; Vice Chair: Sr. Felicitas
Mpundu SCJ; Vice Secretary: Sr. Veronica Mwale SCJ; Vice Treasurer: Sr.
Maureen Gavin SSHJM

Kalundu Study Centre

The Franciscan Sisters for Africa, OSF who have been managing Kalundu Study
Centre for 29 years have handed over the institute to the Baptistine
Sisters, CSJB. The official hand over took place on 28 January 2004. Each
local ZAS branch sent representative/s and from Mpika Sr. Rosalia Chilumba
SCJ attended this ceremony. To the Franciscans we say well done, good and
faithful servants for many years of dedicated service. To the Baptistines
we say thank you for accepting the challenge. Be assured of our prayers so
that you may fulfil this task to the satisfaction of all.

Ichengelo [St. Theresas] Parish

  • Has a new telephone number: 04 370 433.
  • Is asking a well-wisher to donate a monstrance; they have none.
  • Makes and sells date stamps at unbeatable prices. Contact Sr. Kasuba for more details.

Welcome to

  • Sr Elizabeth Kanyanta SCJ to Chengelo Community and Parish Team.
  • Sr. Helen-Ruth Zulu LSM to St. Josephs H/Q Convent and SUCCESS Team.
  • Sr. Getrude Bwale LSMI to Serenje community.
  • Sr. Elizabeth Mutamba SCJ back to Chilonga after her studies.

A warm welcome to you and best wishes for a fruitful apostolate in the Diocese of Mpika.


  • Sr. Beatrice Kabubi SCJ from Chengelo community to Chilubula
  • Srs. Martha Chanda and Rosalie Chilumba SCJ from Chilonga for studies
  • Sr. Geraldine Lynch SSHJM from Chilonga to the UK
  • Srs. Justina Chabala and Angela Mushitu LSMI from Lwitikila to other dioceses
  • Sr. Francesca Johana Msenga SOLQA from Mulilansolo to Tanzania

New Abbot for the Benedictine of Hanga Abbey

On 14 January the community of Hanga elected Fr. Thadei Mhagama OSB its new
Abbot. Abbot Thadei has been a monk of Hanga Abbey since 1974. He served as
superior of the Benedictine Study House at Cedara in South Africa. He is the
second abbot of Hanga and succeeds Abbot Alcuin Nyirenda who has served for
10 yrs in this office. We wish Abbot Thadei Gods abundant graces as he
takes up this abbatial office. Former Abbot Nyirenda has been appointed a
professor at a Benedictine University in Rome and also thank him and wish
him fruitful teaching apostolate.

Isoka Parish BCP Leadership Workshop for all levels held at the ALM centre Feb 3- 5

The workshop was the first of its kind, for Catholic lay leaders of St. Mark
s main centre, organised by the Giovanna Sansini ALM and facilitated by Fr.
Albert Chanda- priest-in-charge and Mr. Ronald Changala. Among the topics
covered were Behaviour Change, Leadership Skills, Multi-sectoral Approach in
tackling the problem of HIV/AIDS in the parish, Stigma and Discrimination,
Sacrifice and Renewal, Mitigation of Impact of HIV/AIDS in the parish,
Pastoral Care (holistic care) Drunkenness and other vices,
Self-Sustainability to mention but a few! Another objective of the workshop
was to start the Year 2004, united as leaders and therefore servants of God
s people in our parish.

Home Based Care Department

  • We applaud DCI for supporting our HBC program and through HBC other programs such as BCP, Adventure Limited and Family Life in the training of traditional instructors.
  • CRS has boosted the HBC program with a strategy known as SUCCESS:
  • Involvement of youth in the SUCCESS program is one of the main objectives of the initiative.
  • We would like to welcome the CRS staff that has come to join our program
    on the diocesan level: – Mrs. Harriet Lungu, Assistant Coordinator; Sr.
    Helen Zulu, Financial Officer; Ms Godfridah Mansha, Assistant Administrator
    and Mr. Moses Siani, Youth Coordinator. We are waiting for two more staff
    members. Warm welcome and good wishes to you all.

Condolences to

  • Sr. Priscilla Bwalya SCJ whose brother passed away in Mpolokoso.
  • Sr. Angela Mushitu LSMI whose twin sister passed away in Lusaka.
  • Bishop Aaron Andrew Chisha, Bishop of Mansa, whose father passed away on 1 February in Kapatu.

Please note

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  • Please send us any newsworthy events from your parish for inclusion in Our Diocese.
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