February 2002


A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

February 2002

Important Dates

22 February HBC Coordinator’s meeting Chilonga
23 February ZAS Meeting Lwitikila
27 February Extraordinary CHB meeting Chilonga
4-6 March Mpika Deanery meeting Lwitikila
4-15 March AIDS Counseling Course ICL, Mpika
12-14 March Chinsali Deanery Meeting Mulanga


Fr. Thomas Mantini from
Mulilansolo to Mulanga as Priest-in-charge and teams up with Fr. Francis Kasolo
from Chalabesa. Fr. Joseph Besa from Mulanga to Mulilansolo as Priest-in-charge
and Fr. Telesphore Tafuna from Mulanga to Chalabesa. Fr. Waldemar Potrapeluk
joins the Chinsali Parish Team.


On 18 January 2002, Chilonga,
St. Andrew’s and St. Mark’s Parish Financial Boards held a one-day workshop at
St. Mark’s Parish, Isoka. The priests accompanied Chilonga and St. Andrew’s
Financial Boards. The three boards had very fruitful exchanges on the efforts
in making their parishes more self-sustainable. They resolved that such
encounters should be encouraged in future. Altogether, they were 16 members in
attendance. St. Andrew’s and Chilonga are grateful to St. Mark’s for the warm

Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

On the evening of 1 February
2002 the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary gathered at Chilonga
for a celebration on the following day and their regional meeting from 3-5
February 2002. On Saturday 2 February Sister Mary Geraldine Lynch celebrated
her Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession. The Eucharist was concelebrated by
Frs. Daniel Kashimoto and Francis Ntenga from Chilonga in the SSHJM Convent?s
Chapel and followed by a jubilee meal. The Sisters of the Child Jesus shared in
the celebrations. During mass all women religious present renewed their
commitment to consecrated life.

Welcome back

  • Fr. Waldemar Potrapeluk (Fidei Donum Priest) who has returned after his sabbatical in the USA and Poland.


  • Sr. Phyllis Mkanda, LSMI who left Chalabesa RHC for Katondwe RHC in Lusaka Archdiocese

Mpika Immigration Office

The Immigration Office in Mpika
has re-opened. All expatriate Missionaries and lay volunteers especially those
in Mpika shall be reporting to this office for up-dating their passports and

Condolences to

  • ALMs on the death of Erica Pazzeta on 7 February in
    Nepi near Rome. Erica was a VMM and worked as a midwife in Kayambi Hospital for
    about 8 years in the 70s. She got parkinson’s disease and had to leave Zambia.
    She had suffered for a long time and the last 5 years of her life, she was
    completely paralyzed.
  • Sisters of the Child Jesus on the death of Sr.
    Margarita Malenguka aged 88 on 19 February in Chilubula. She was buried on 21st

We pray for the deceased as well as the bereaved.

Psycho-Social Counselling Course

A course in psycho-social
counseling will be held in Mpika ICL from 4-15 March. This will be followed by
six weeks of practical work under a trained counselor. Then a further week in
May at ICL will follow. All those seeking a place need to have their grade 12
certificates. They also need to find sponsors.

Diocesan HIV/AIDS/HBC Coordinator

The Office of AIDS/HIV
Coordinator has literature and magazines on HIV/AIDS. All Anti-AIDS Units and
Projects can get in touch with the coordinator for these materials.

Missionaries of Africa in Mongu Diocese

From Fr. Robert Lavertu came
the message that he and Fr. Charles Obanya are slowly settling down in Mongu.
For the time being, Frs. Lavertu, Charles and Henry are still living in three
separate parishes, learning Silozi. The Diocese has shortage of personnel and
the people are grateful for the efforts being made by the three missionaries.
Namushakende is a new parish just
opened some 25 km south of Mongu. The three hope to move to one place and start
working at and slowly establishing the structures of their parish. The big
problem in the Western Province is the sand, sand, sand. Only four-wheel drive
vehicles can be used.

Fr. Robert and Fr. Charles send
their regards to all priests, religious, catechists, lay leaders and Christians
at large in the Diocese. They are asking for prayers and promise to remember
everybody in their prayers.

News from Overseas

Fr. Ulrich Piwek sent a message
that Fr Konrad Berg is very sick. His cancer cannot be stopped anymore and he
is so weak that he cannot speak although he still recognizes his visitors. Let
us remember him in our prayers.


Parish Priests should bring their Holy Oil vessels in time for the
Mass of the Holy Oils on Maundy Thursday, 28 March 2002 at St.
Joseph’s Church at 9:30 hrs. Priests, religious and Christians who wish to
attend are welcome. Priests wishing to concelebrate should bring their own
albs and stoles for the occasion.

Please note:

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