Problem and Solution

The Bishop Adolf Fürstenberg Trustfund

The Problem & The Solution

The Problem

  • desperate poverty of the rural population
  • emergency relief alone fails to tackle the long term problems
  • there is almost no employment in the formal sector. Farming is only done on a self supporting level
  • There are no health insurances for the rural population
  • There is no pension or social welfare scheme for the rural people
  • The Christian faith is only 100 years old and often remains on the surface
  • The financial means of the diocese are very limited. We have not yet achieved self-sustainability
  • The diocese covers a huge area, most people live scattere,  in small villages
  • The governmental education and health systems are often not fully functioning

This are only a few examples of the difficulties and hardships we are facing daily.

The Solution:

  • improving the development work of the diocese
  • building of strong Christian Communities
  • maintaining and improving the diocesan health institutions
  • strengthening the village communities
  • educating and training of orphans and the Youth in general
  • forming and extending of Home Based Care groups to tackle the AIDS pandemic and the orphan problem
  • evangelization and inculturation