January 2003


A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

January 2003

Important Dates

20-24 Jan ZEC Meeting Lusaka
1 Feb Diocesan ZAS Meeting I.C.L.
5 Feb Chilonga Hospital Board meeting Chilonga
17 – 21 Feb Refresher Course for drivers in RHCs I.C.L.
23 Feb Episcopal Ordination of the new Bishop Chipata

Catechists training centre

The names of the
candidates for 2003-2005 intake have not yet been sent to the Office of the
Director. Priests-in-charge who have candidates should submit the applications
at the Deanery Meetings in March. Fathers Matepa, Mwenge, Mantini, and
Kashimoto will collect the particulars for their respective deaneries.

CTC Board Members

The interim CTC Board consists of Fr. J. Matepa, the Pastoral Coordinator,
Frs. T. Mantini and S. Mwenge (deans) and Fr. D. Kashimoto, the CTC Director.
The functions of this board will be advisory and planning proposals to diocesan
bodies and ultimately to the Bishop.

Welcome to

  • Srs. Patricia Chibwe, Anne Chipalo, Rhoyda Buti, Perpetual Kepi LSMI to Chalabesa
  • Srs. Mildred Mwape, Petronella Bwalya and Monica Kayumba (LSMI) to Serenje
  • Sr. Angela Mulumbu LSMI to H/Q Community
  • Sr. Edith Sokoshi LSMI to Lwitikila
  • Srs. Isabel Mwila and Regina Chansa (SCJ) to Ilondola
  • Srs. Helen Kasuba, Barbara Chileshe and Belinda Mutale (SCJ) to Chengelo
  • Ms. Andrea Maria Reitze (ALM Volunteer) to Isoka community.

A warm welcome to you and best wishes for a fruitful apostolate in the Diocese of Mpika.

Condolences to

  • The Bishop whose father passed away on 20.12.02 and was buried on 22.12.02.
  • Fr. Lazarus Mwiko whose elder brother died on 11.01.03 in Lusaka and was buried on 14.01.03
  • The Bishop, clergy, religious and faithful of Mansa Diocese on the death Fr. Evaristo Lufungulo Chashya who
    passed away on 22.01.03 in Lubwe Mission Hospital. He was buried on 25.01.03 at Kabunda.

To all the bereaved our deepest sympathy in this time
of sorrow; we pray that God will comfort and strengthen them and grant eternal
rest to their departed loved ones.

Changes / Appointments

Fr. Francis Kasolo is the new Diocesan Vocation Director and Youth Coordinator succeeding Fr.
Ireneaus Chimpali. All vocations and youth matters should be addressed to him at: P.O. Box 450 007, MPIKA.

Fr. Charles Mwila has gone overseas for studies. We wish him good luck and God’s blessings.

Fr. J. Matepa; the Pastoral Coordinator has moved to the Cathedral Parish house. The Pastoral
Coordinator’s telephone number has not changed.

Refresher course on use of hospital vehicles

The sisters-in-charge of health institutions and their drivers are invited to a
course from 17 to 21 February at the ICL. Date of arrival is 17 February after
lunch. Course days are 18 and 19 for both, the in-charge and their driver. 20
February, a day for the drivers only as this day will be set aside for
mechanics. Topics to be covered: – communication, discipline and conflict
resolution, planning of short and long trips and ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ on
vehicles. All are expected to attend without fail because the course is vital
for proper maintenance of vehicles and the smooth running of institutions.

St Joseph’s Cathedral

On 18 November 2002,
two priests, Frs. Kasolo and Kangwa moved into the new house starting a new
community, charged with the pastoral care of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Mpika.
Fr. Justin Matepa, The Diocesan Pastoral Coordinator joined the community in mid

Parish life has
started taking shape. Several structures have already been put in place. The
Parish Council sat on 3-4 January with the new leadership being ushered in by
the Pastoral Coordinator and Fr. Mulanda, the parish priest of St. Andrew’s
from which St. Joseph’s territory has been carved. Resource persons giving
inputs, included the Pastoral Council Secretary, Mr. Clement Mumbo and Mr.
Urban Musonda of Chengelo Parish. The Bishop came to give a little pep talk to
the newly constituted leadership whereas the Treasurer General, Fr. Thomas
Matthaei, assisted by Mr. Albert Chota, helped to set-up the Parish Financial

Diocesan HIV/AIDS/HBC Coordinator

During the
course of last year, different activities on management of HIV/AIDS took place
throughout the diocese. This year we hope to continue and possibly improve our
common efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Coordinator visited Chalabesa RHC on 22.01.03 and attended meetings of the
Chilonga HBC Coordinating Committee on 20 and 27 January.