March 2001

Our Diocese

A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

March 2001

Important Dates

23-26 April Diocesan Council of the Laity ICL
30 April-02 May Diocesan Presbyteral Council ICL
03-04 May Meeting of the Presbyterium ICL
04 May Meeting of Sisters-in-charge of RHCs Chilonga
05 May Diocesan Health Board Chilonga

Psycholocial counselling course

The six weeks course in counselling, two weeks theory and four weeks practicals came to a close on 9th March 2001.
Initially there were 24 participants, 21 finished the course. Having fulfilled all the obligations and having passed
their examinations, the participants were awarded Certificates. On graduation day the Pastoral Co-ordinator was the
guest of honour presented the certificates to them. He warned that the counselling course just ended only marked the
beginning of helping the many people who are afflicted in so many ways. He called on the counsellors to use their talent
and skill in alleviating pain and suffering of their clients. Jesus said: “When I was sick, you visited me…” (Matthew 25:36)

Pastoral co-ordinator’s office

After a long period of debate and hesitation, the formation of Councils of the Laity in the diocese has finally started.
Ichengelo Parish was the first, followed by Serenje, St. Andrew’s, Kopa, Chalabesa, Chinsali, Mulilansolo, Isoka and Nakonde
Sub-parish. Inaugural formation meetings for the rest of the parishes are lined up as follows: Ilondola 4 April, Chinsali 5
April, Chilonga 7 April and Mulanga 19 April. The first ever Diocesan Council of the Laity will take place from 23 to 26 April
at ICL. Two leaders from the National Laity Office are expected to give an input.

National ZAS

The Executive would like to inform all members that the day of Prayer and Fasting has been moved to 7 April 2001.
On this day, a public Way of the Cross, where possible, should be organised. As a branch, the Local Executive must arrange
what will be convenient for all members or at least the majority of the members. Copies of the Stations of the Cross
have also been prepared for use on this day.

Serenity house in operation

The long awaited Treatment Centre for alcoholic and other substance abuses is now in operation and it is ‘judiciously’ named
“Serenity House”! The Centre is managed by the Wilson Foundation on behalf of ZEC and is situated in the Makeni
area of Lusaka. It is now ready for a maximum of 9 candidates. The cost is only US $30.00 per day. Since places are limited,
admission will be on first come, first serve basis.

2001 Yusufu activities

There was a full day’s workshop at ICL on 24 March. All invited troops attended except Mulilansolo. Congratulations to Parish
teams that encouraged their youth to attend and to Fr. Kasolo for his encouraging presence at the seminar.
The aim of the BaYusufu this year is to achieve self-sustainability at all cost, thereby set an example of self-reliance
for other youth. This means no more begging from church or parish councils; they must pay group registration fee promptly
in their respective parishes. They are also to pay special attention to the sick by visiting them and to strengthen weaker
scout troops by visiting them.

23-27 April: Leaders training at Lwitikila Falls; 20-24 June: Mumbwa trip at invitation to visit the Yusufu
there. We hope to secure a trip to North-Luangwa Game Reserve from the management of the Park for the winning troop at the end
of the year.

Mpika Deanery

Mpika Deanery Meeting took place at ICL instead of Chilonga as earlier planned. There were 19 participants from all communities
of priests and sisters except Lwitikila Convent. The meeting was preceded by a recollection in the morning of 13 March facilitated
by Fr. Francis Kasolo and centred on the Lenten theme “Repent and believe in the Gospel“. The recollection ended
with the memorial mass, presided over by Fr. R. Lavertu, for the late Msgr. Marian Kolacki. Fr. Waldemar, who goes on sabbatical
after Easter, bade farewell to the members. The deanery cost sharing strategy as regards meeting expenses is proving to be a
success. The deanery is grateful to the ICL management and staff for their warm hospitality.

Condolences to:

  • Sr. Elizabeth Moomba LSMI (Lwitikila Convent) whose elder sister passed away in Ndola on 13 March 2001. She was buried on 15 March.
  • Ilondola RHC Management for the death of their worker, Miss Juliet Mwaba on 9 March. She was buried on 10 March.
  • Serenje Parish for the death of their learner Catechist, Mr. Goliath Kunda on 15 March in Serenje Hospital. He was buried on 16 March.

May God comfort and strengthen the bereaved families and grant eternal rest to their departed loved ones.

From the Provincial of the Missionaries of Africa’s office in Woodlands, Lusaka, comes the news that:

  • Bishop Joseph van den Biesen died in the Netherlands on 4 March 2001 aged 88. He was the Bishop of this Diocese from February 1948 till the end of 1957. Let us pray for him so that he may rest in eternal joy, happiness and peace.
  • Br. Jan Leenen, M. Afr., suffering from terminal cancer, is very ill. Let us remember him in our prayers.

Please note:

  1. All those with E-mail addresses are requested to forward them to the Bishop’s Secretary so that they can receive “Our Diocese” electronically.
  2. Parish Priests should bring their Holy Oils vessels in time for the Mass of the Holy Oils on Maundy Thursday, 12 April 2001 at St. Joseph’s HQ Church at 9:30. Priests from neighbouring communities who wish to attend are welcome but should bring their own alb and stole for the occasion.
  3. The Bishop’s and Treasurer General’s offices encourage, applaud and commend timely and accurate quarterly financial reports from PFB.
  4. Parish Teams to send in their biannual reports (not just statistical but narrative) to the Bishop’s office.

May the peace and joy of the Risen Lord
be with all our relatives, friends and benefactors.

HAPPY EASTER to you all!