Our Buildings and Constructions

Out-Patient-Department at Mulilansolo Rural Health Centre

Project No. 157-005-1010 ZG; financed by MISEREOR:

1. Misereor: € 20,000

2. Grant provided through KZE € 70,000

Mulilansolo Mission was founded in 1936 by the White Fathers. It is located 263 km Northeast of Mpika Township, in the Northern Province of Zambia. In 1963 the Sisters of the Child Jesus arrived at Mulilansolo and assumed responsibility of a dispensary, now a Rural Health Centre (RHC); an upper primary school and the home craft centre at the Catechists’ Training School (CTC). In 1976 they were replaced by a Tanzanian Congregation, called “Sisters of Our Lady Queen of Africa”. In February 2008 the congregation of the Sisters of the Child Jesus took over the Rural Health Centre again. They are now managing the hospital, they are helping in the parish and one of their sisters is running the home craft course for catechists’ wives at the CTC.

The RHC has twenty-two (22) approved beds. It caters for a population of 21,735 people. The catchment area has active Community Health Workers and Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA). It has also seven neighbourhood health committees catering for sixty-five villages, all supervised by the RHC. The RHC had 662 deliveries in 2009. 373 were conducted in the RHC and 287 by the TBAs. A total of 19,669 children under 5 were attended to. BCG immunisation was given to 1074 children, OVP to 3,537. Measles immunisation was given to 2,632 people. It just shows that Mulilansolo RHC is one of our busiest places with a huge catchment area. We the help of the German NGO “Brücke der Freundschaft, in Gottmadingen-Ebringen we were able to get MISEREOR as the German project leader and the diocese of Mpika as the Zambian partner. The total contract sum for construction of an Out-Patient Department (OPD) was fixed at € 90,000 (ninety thousand Euros). The application for the OPD was submitted on 25 July 2007, the grant approval notice was received on 28 January 2008. Lwanga Construction, an Mpika based construction company was contracted for the buildings. Work commenced on the 1st of June 2008. Mulilansolo is situated in a very rural setting, it has neither electricity nor communication facilities. Making blocks and everything else is done by hand. Thus construction takes much longer than usual. The work went ahead smoothly, slowed down a bit by the rainy season. Helpful was that in mid 2009 the whole of Mulilansolo was electrified through the national rural electrification program. On 21 April 2010 the building was officially handed over to the managing agency at Mulilansolo. It has been in use ever since. The snag list was short and has already been dealt with. A certificate of completion was issued.

The pictures in this report show the entire construction process. We are very grateful to our donors for the funds we received for this important and necessary improvement of the Rural Health Centre’s facilities. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you very much and God bless. The OPD will go a long way in providing quality health services in the catchment area of Mulilansolo RHC.