September 2001

Our Diocese

A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

September 2001

Important Dates

30 August – 3 September Mpika Deanery Youth Rally Chilonga
3 – 5 September Chinsali Deanery Youth Rally Ilondola
17 – 21 September HIV/AIDS/HBC Workshop ICL
21 September Chilonga Hospital Board Meeting Chilonga
1 October Blessing of Church & Profession Katibunga
1 – 5 October Pastoral Coordinators, Catechetical, Liturgical Meeting Lusaka
8 – 14 October Charismatic Renewal for Clergy & Religious Francisdale- Ndola
9 – 11 October Chinsali Deanery Meeting Chilonga
15 – 17 October Mpika Deanery Meeting Kopa
20 October Diocesan ZAS Meeting HeadQuarters
19 November Transport/Finance Committee Meeting ICL
20 – 22 November DPC/Consultors ICL
23 November Sisters-in-charge RHCs Chilonga
24 November Diocesan Health Board Chilonga

Diocesan Pastoral Council

The meeting took place at ICL from 27-29 August. Attendance to this broad based forum was overwhelming.
All Departments, Institutions and Parishes, (except Ilondola) were represented. Delegates shared and
exchanged notes on what they are doing to implement the Diocesan Pastoral Plan’s five areas of focus:
Faith Renewal, Self-sustainability, Family Life, Justice & Peace and Youth concerns. The Council noted
that despite the financial and logistical problems, a lot is being done in the mentioned areas.

Meeting of the presbyterium

Immediately following the Pastoral Council, the Bishop and 22 other priests of the Diocese convened at
ICL from 29-31 August for the long awaited Marriage Tribunal sessions directed by Fr. Oliver Mukunta from
the Archdiocese of Lusaka. Also in attendance was Fr. Leonard Kabwe from the Archdiocese of Kasama. Those
who followed the workshop described it as a success and a great help to their pastoral ministy. This was
just the first step towards the formation of a Diocesan Tribunal.

While attending the same meeting during the social evening Frs. Willibroad Nzota (OSB) and Luc Antaya
(M. Afr) were welcomed to the Presbyterium of Mpika. Tribute was also paid to Fr. Guido Stuer and
Fr. Robert Lavertu for nearly 40 years of missionary work in this Diocese. Fr. Guido goes on home leave
followed by studies in counselling. We are not yet sure he will return to the Diocese afterwards though
he is certainly returning to the Zambian Province of the White Fathers. Fr. Lavertu goes to Mongu Diocese
later this year where the Missionaries of Africa have opened a new frontier of missionary activity.

Family Life Ministry

  • During the month of June, a number of workshops and seminars were conducted and among the most
    fruitful ones was the awareness seminar in Family life organized in Mulonga sub-Parish (Kopa).
    This was attended by married couples, single mothers & fathers (widows/widowers). It was at
    this seminar that the single parents voiced that they feel left out in Church programmes. The
    Family Life Office challenged them to plan for special seminars for themselves which the Family
    Life Office would gladly facilitate.
  • From 29 June – 3 July a Diocesan Inculturation seminar was organized whose objective was to
    wind up the Imbusa (Initiation Emblems) scrutinization project by evaluating what has been done
    so far. The Family Life office eagerly awaits invitations from Mulanga, Chilonga, Ilondola, Chinsali
    and Serenje Parishes since they seem to lag behind other Parishes.
  • Two engaged young couples met at ICL from 16-19 August for initiation through the new Imbusa
    (Initiation Emblems) teachings. Their parents or guardians were also invited as witnesses and they
    really appreciated the importance of this new approach in family catechesis.
  • Capacity building in marriage encounter facilitation was done from 20 – 24 August at Kolibo-Serenje.
    Couples were engaged in writing Marriage Encounter talks.
  • On 25 August Mr. & Mrs. Mulenga were with the Diocesan Nazareth and their husbands
    (christened Ludovico’s). A talk was given to this group on budgeting and home management.

Chilonga Hospital School of Nursing

14 September was a very happy day for Chilonga Hospital School of Nursing Students, their Tutors,
the people of Chilonga, relatives & friends of graduants and finally the graduants themselves.
This was the 35th ZEN and 7th ZEM graduation ceremony since the inception of the school. A total number
of 51 graduated 31 of whom received their certificates as Nurses while 20 received the midwife certificates
from Mrs. Mugala, the Clinical Manager for Northern Province who was the guest of honour.

Original Marriage Encounter weekend

The Family Life Ministry is organising an original marriage encounter week-end for the Priests,
Religious and ALM of the Diocese from 19-21 October at ICL.


  • Mr. Hamann, Lutz’s father, arrived on 4 September. He is on a short visit to the diocese.
  • Ferdinand and Benedicte Casier, our first FIDESCO Volunteers from Belgium. Ferdinand will be
    involved in co-ordinating health services in the diocese and enhancing administrative capacity of
    our health institutions.

A warm welcome to all and wishing you God’s blessings during your stay in the Diocese.

Katibunga Monastery

On 1st October 2001, the Benedictines of Katibunga will have a big celebration. The Holy Mass will be
at 10:00 hrs in thanksgiving for:

  • The Church that has been constructed for the use of the local community. It has been decided that
    the Benedictines accept the pastoral care of the local community by officially running the revived
    Parish of Katibunga. This Church will be blessed and officially opened.
  • The Katibunga Monastery foundation will be officially instituted as a Priory.
  • 3 Zambian Novices will make their vows. This will be the first profession made at Katibunga
    since its foundation on 1 October 1987.
  • Celebration of the Solemnity of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, the Patron Saint of Katibunga

Congratulations and prayerful good wishes to all Benedictines!

Condolences to:

Mrs. Magawa, the Diocesan Financial Assistant whose sister passed away in Lusaka. Burial was in Mansa.

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