October 2002


A Newsletter from Mpika Diocese

October 2002

Important Dates

21 Oct Sisters In Charge of Health Institutions (workshop) Diocesan H/Q
30 Oct Chilonga Hospital Board Chilonga
16-17 May Presbyterium I.C.L.
5 Nov ZEC Executive Meeting Lusaka
6-7 Nov National Catholic Forum Lusaka
18 Nov Finance/Administrative/Consultors Diocesan H/Q
19-20 Nov Diocesan Presbyteral Council I.C.L.
21 Nov Presbyterium I.C.L.
22 Nov Sisters In Charge of Health Institutions Chilonga
23 Nov Diocesan Health Board Chilonga
26-29 Nov Strategic planning I.C.L.

Mulanga Convent

From the month of June, the community of Religious Sisters of Charity in Mulanga has
steadily grown into a team of four. With the coming of the sisters a lot of changes have
taken place in Mulanga Mission. The following are the apostolates that each sister is
currently carrying out.

  • Sr. Christina O’Brien – women apostolate
  • Sr. Marian Bell – Sister-In-Charge of RHC
  • Sr. Francesca Mutelo – Nurse
  • Sr. Patricia Mulenga – Social work

We wish the sisters a happy stay at Mulanga and very fruitful apostolate.

Justice & Peace

From 11 to 13 September, the land consultant Mr. Mudenda visited the Diocese to make a survey
on the impact of the 1995 Land Law on the local people. In the company of Mr. R. Chikolokoso, the
diocesan CCJP Coordinator, visits were made to some areas in Chilonga parish and Matumbo in Mulanga


The Legio of Mary was from 14 to 18 September visited and taught on the Marian Spirituality by
Ms. Hellen Kisache and Mr. Joseph Kirimura from Kampala Senatus, Uganda. They were in the company
of Mr. Kapasa and Ms. Mulenga from Kasama. Speaking to more than 200 Legionaries on closing the
gathering, Bishop T-G. Mpundu called on the legionaries to imitate Our Lady in witnessing Christ.
On 29 September the Regia Authority was established at Chilubula.

On October 2, nine priests from Milan, Italy, working in Monze and Lusaka Diocese, visited Mpika.
They stayed at the ICL and enjoyed the Northern Province, visiting Kapisha and Shiwa House. They had
a get-together with our bishop in the evening. We took pleasure in their visit and hope that this
will not be their last visit.


Fr. Piet van der Linden from the Netherlands writes:

…The most
important contribution I can make is to pray for all the people of Mpika
Diocese and although I hardly ever wrote, be assured of my love for the
Diocese. I keep especially in contact with “households in distress”- Mbala. May
the good Lord bless you all.

Fr. Longinus Niyonsenga also writes from Rwanda

My priestly
ordination took place on 20 July 2002 and it was a colourful day. I am a curate
in a rural parish and in charge of Catholic schools. Fr. Cassian Mulindahabi
remains the Rector of St. John’s Minor Seminary. … My sincere and kind regards
and thanks to Mpika priests and all the faithful. May God bless you always.

Mpika Deanery YOuth Rally – Chalabesa; 3-7 September

This year’s rally
did not have competitive football and netball tournaments. Yet all appreciated
the spiritual input that was given. They recommended to maintain the same
spirit. The following parishes attended: Kopa 25; Ichengelo 10; Chilonga 25;
St. Andrews 20 and the hosting Parish Chalabesa 14. Serenje did not attend.
Many thanks to those who helped to organise the rally. Mbala bibles were given
as presents to the parishes. We resolved that each parish should open a small
spiritual library.

Catholic Secretariat

With effect from 30 September 2002, the Catholic Secretariat is operating from its new premises
at Kapingila House, along Kabulonga Road. Their new telephone numbers are:

  • Reception: 01-262613, 01-262641 and 01-263124
  • Secretary General’s direct Fax: 01-262658
  • Assistant Secretary General and Pastoral Department: 01-262644
  • Health Department’s direct line: 01-263054
  • Finance & Administration Department’s direct line: 01-263129
  • Education Department’s direct line: 01-263124
  • Communications Dep. & Admin. Manager, Fax: 01-263099

Youth Department

15-18 August 2002
the Diocesan Youth Council met at ZCA in Mpika with the absence of Mulilansolo
Parish. Prominent on the agenda was the launch of the Youth Bible Study Program.
For over 18 months material has been prepared. Four parishes, to be identified
soon, will spearhead this program for one year and 200 youth are expected to
participate. We appeal to parishes that may not be involved in the piloting
stage to continue the biblical formation in the way they have been doing it all

Vocations Office

  1. We have 26
    Seminarians in different stages of formation. Emmaus Spirituality Centre has 7;
    St. Augustine has 5 and St. Dominic’s has 11. Another three seminarians are currently
    on Pastoral Orientation in the Diocese. Let us remember to pray for all of them
    and support them as they journey on their way.
  2. The Diocesan
    Women Organisation and affiliated members (Women Lay Organisation) have taken a
    lead in financially supporting the training of Seminarians. We laud them for
    this initiative. On 28 September 2002, on the occasion of the Annual Meeting
    held at Ichengelo, Mpika, they offered presents in kind and money to the Bishop
    to support our seminarians for this year. What was given on this day was just
    part of what is to be the total support. Parishes not present will forward
    their support through the Office of the Vocations Promoter in due course.
    Everything contributed is accounted for and will be published at the end of the


  • The bishop, priests, religious and the faithful of Livingstone Diocese on the death of Fr. David Tembo on 10 September.
  • Br. Barnabas Mukantemwa OSB whose father passed away in Kasama on 30 September.
  • Fr. Telesphore Kalungu whose father passed away on 30 September in Kayambi.
  • The bishop, priests, religious and the laity of Monze Diocese on the death of Fr. Robson
    Hiinga on 2 October in Monze Mission Hospital.

We pray both for the deceased as well as the bereaved

Diocesan Councul for catholic women

From 26 to 28 September the dccw had their annual meeting at the Icl. Participants came from all over the diocese,
altogether almost 200 women. Their meeting was honoured by the visit of the National Council for Catholic Women executive.

Diocesan AIDS/HIV and HBC coordinator

  • The household-in-distress in conjunction with Mpika Diocese is having a 3 weeks
    Senior Counselling Workshop. Participants are coming from all districts in the
    Diocese and some districts in Kasama Archdiocese.
  • Ilondola HBC had on-going training for care givers on 7 September and will hold another training on 2 November
  • Mulanga parish had a 4-day training of volunteers from 7-10 October and 13 volunteers were trained
  • Nakonde sub parish hbc: news from Nakonde reached us announcing the death of 4 care givers. May their souls rest in peace
  • The 4th quarter Coordinators’ meeting will be held from 11 to 12 November at the ICL All participants are expected to arrive on 10 November.

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