Bishop Heinrich Horst

Bishop Horst

Vicar Apostolic of the Vicariate of Luangwa 1938 – 1946

He was born in Kirchlinde in 1902. After his secondary studies there he went to study Theology at Trier, where he was ordained priest. He studied for a while in England before his appointment to Rosa Mission in the Vicariate of Bangweolo. Then he went to teahc in Lubushi Seminary. When the new Diocese of Mbala was created, he was appointed superior of Ilondola mission in 1935. He gave himself without counting the cost to visiting all the villages of his immense parish. He played an active part in educational matters, starting and equipping new schools. He wrote several text-books.

In 1937 Rome appointed him to succeed Father Van Sambeek as Vicar Apostolic of Lwangwa (as Mbala was then called). He was ordained Bishop at Chilubula in August 1938 at the age of 36. That same year, he founded Mambwe mission and the following year Mulanga. The war brought many difficulties associated with the transfer of personnel. Such was the respect everyone had for him, though he was German, he was allowed to retain all his responsabilities by the British Authorities. He accomplished such an enormous amount of work in a very short time that he wore himself out prematurely and died on the job on September 17, 1946. He is buried in the Cathedral at Ilondola. All who knew him recognised his goodness, his piety and his zeal for work. The British officials, who worked with him and knew him, considered him one of the Best Bishops in the Rhodesias. This is really a fine tribute from people who were, in the main, not Catholics.

Extract from “Where it all began”, Bishop Jean-Marie Ogez.