Some answers:

Where is Mpika (or even Zambia)?

In Africa. To be a little bit more precise, in the southeast. Tanzania is in the north, in the east you can find Malawi, Mocambique, in the south we have a border with Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Angola and Congo are in the west.
To see an overview map of Zambia, go here.

Who is your master?

Simple question, short answer: Fr. Thomas
He is a german priest, living here since 1984. He is the Treasurer General. After a long struggle to find a suiting description of him, we finally asked him. Answer: “I’m the man in charge”

Where can you rest your tired head in the evening?

Best place would be your bed. You are living in the volunteer’s house, having your own room. A maximum of 3 people can live in here, but sometimes you might find yourself living all alone.