Bishop visits Mpika Parish

Reception of Bishop Mulernga at St. Andrew's, Mpika

Reception of Bishop Mulenga at St. Andrew’s, Mpika


Ba buomba sing

Babuomba sing

From 28th to 29th January, 2017, Bishop Justin Mulenga made a pastoral visit to St. Andrew’s Parish of Mpika. On the first day he met with the Parish team, who presented to him a report covering the activities going on in the parish and the challenges they encounter

On the second day, the bishop celebrated Mass for the Faithful of St. Andrew’s Parish. Basing his homily on the Beatitudes, he called for more cooperation between the Priests and Parishioners in order to become ambassadors of God’s mercy. He further called on all Christians in the Parish to promote vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life. The visit ended with a luncheon in honour of Rt. Rev. Mulenga Justin.

Xaverians escort the Bishop

Xaverians escort the Bishop