Borehole at Chalabesa

Chalabesa Rural Health Center (RHC) had experienced water shortages for already quite some time. The hospital was suffering from it. Water had to be carried from the Lubaleshi River in drums and containers, to be able to look after the patients. They have a windmill alright, but what to do, if there is no wind, not even a breeze? With the help of our trusted donors from Gottmadingen, the Bridge of Friendship (BOF) we were able to help and bring relief. A drilling company was hired and went to Chalabesa on 8 September 2011. The siteing proved to be a problem, since the company’s truck could not climb even a moderately steep hill. In the end we sited water just near the entrance to St. Michael’s Church. After 12 meters the drill hit solid rock, all the way through. Total depth of the borehole is 65 meters.  The very evening we hit water at 23 metres. The yield is quite good at 2 litres per second. Now we need more money, as always, to bring the water to the hospital. Thanks to our donors who made this fast relief possible.

Drilling in front of the Church

Water is hit at 18:30 hrs.