Fr. Justin Chomba Celebrates Priestly Golden Jubilee

On Saturday, 18 August, 2018, the Diocese of Mpika joined Rev. Fr. Justin Chomba in celebrating his Priestly Golden Jubillee at St. Andrew’s Catholic Parish in Mpika. Rev. Fr. Chomba was ordained Catholic Priest on 17th August, 1968. In his Homily, Rev. Fr. Ives Batungwa eulogized the life of Fr. Chomba as a Priest. He thanked God for the gift of the Jubilean and his contribution to the life of Catholic Church in Zambia and Mpika Diocese in particular. Fr. Chomba has written a book on the Bisa people and is a renowned Composer of Liturgical hymns, over 140 songs ascribed to his name. May God grant him many more years of happy Service in the vineyard of the Lord.