Mpika Diocese Launches the Year of Mercy

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On the third Sunday of Advent, 13th December 2015, Mpika diocese launches the year of Mercy. The holy mass was presided over by the Apostolic Administrator, his Grace the Most Rev. Ignatius Chama, and concelebrated by many priests across the diocese.

Priests of Mpika Diocese

Priests of Mpika Diocese

The Eucharistic celebration was preceded by a procession to the main door of the church. The archbishop and priests were in front of the procession signifying their role as leaders who take the people to the holy door of mercy where they meet the merciful father. Upon arrival at the main door of the church the archbishop ceremoniously opened the door. This signified our heavenly father’s readiness to receive sinners.

Getting ready for procession

Getting ready for procession

Processing towards the Church's main door.

Processing towards the Church’s main door.

The mass was well attended; the church was packed to capacity. Many religious and a great number of the faithful across the diocese came.

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Sisters belonging to different congregations in Mpika diocese

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Christians from different parishes in Mpika diocese

In his homily the archbishop explained that the year of mercy runs from 8th December 2015 to 20th November 2016. It is not only a journey towards finding mercy with God but also a call to become as merciful as our Father in heaven is. It is a time given to us to strive to be like the father who leaves the other sheep to go and look for the lost one and to be like the father who finds joy in the return of the lost one. He  stated that to show that we are children of mercy like our father, we should learn to share our food with the hungry and use our positions in society to serve the people. No matter how high the positions, we occupy in society  may be, service of people with humility and justice should be our aim.

After holy communion the banners were displayed and distributed accordingly to parishes and institutions in the diocese.

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