Ordinations at Chinsali

Bishop with 3 Deacons before Mass

Rt. Rev. I. Chama ordained Deacons Anthony Kapembwa, Nathan Mwango and Ronald Kalasani in Chinsali at St. John the Baptist Parish.

A lot of priests, sisters and the laity attended this colourful ordination. The readings were from Jer 1: 4-10, Heb 5: 1-6, Lk 4: 14-22. The diocesan choir sung during this mass. The stella girls danced and the abaomba participted in the liturgical procession.

Insights from the homily

These three deacons are members of your community and families and by this ordination, they will now join the family of priesthood. God himself knew and chose them before they were born.

We wish the newly ordained priests a happy apostolate in their new communities and are very delighted to welcome them in our diocese.

Laying of hands