Yusufu Scouts walk to Nabwalya

On 4 October sixteen Yusufu Scouts started their hike to Nabwalya in the Rift-Valley. It is a hard walk of three days under the hot sun of the valley, always on guard because of the wild animals, such as elephants and buffaloes.

Dead Buffaloe in their path

The boys came from Chilonga, St. Joseph’s, St. Monica’s and St. Andrew’s parishes.  The first night they slept at Malama, some 38 km away from Mpika, already in the valley. The second day brought them up to Lubula village, where they put up camp.  Always nicely received by the people.  All things, such as food, blankets, pots and personal items had to be carried, either on the back or on the head.

Arrived at Nabwalya for the feast

The Football Team lost against Nabwalya

On the third day, a Thursday,  they reached Nabwalya; after crossing that final hill near the ZAWA camp, that kills your last strength. All made it safe and sound for the opening of the new Nabwalya parish on Friday morning. On Saturday afternoon the played even football against a local selection, but lost (Nabwalya 1 Yusufu 0) understandably.  The month before in September,  most of them had been at Nabwalya for a working camp, helping Fr. Waldemar to bring the mission in shape for the feast.